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How to Make Assassin's Creed Spaulders


This is a tutorial that shows you the easy way to make a pair of good looking Assassin's Creed Spaulders. They are the leather shoulder armor that is worn by the character in the game.

You just need a few things including cereal boxes and and some vinyl. And you can improvise a lot of the stuff to use materials that you have on hand.

I also have a tutorial on how to make the assassins creed hidden blade. That is a very popular project and it is here

I also have a video tutorial of this project at the bottom of the page.


This picture shows the completed spaulders. There are tabs on them so we can connect them to the chest piece.

Assassin's Creed Spaulders

Can you make these Assassin's Creed Spaulders? You sure can! Here is a picture of the spaulders made by a web visitor (Firman) My thanks go to him for sending in the pics and they came out great!


You can improvise these armor parts to fit the size of your shoulders but I do have a packet you can download and print out . This makes it easier for you. The 13 page template is right here (pdf) Assassin's Creed Spaulder template

Print out the packet cut out and assemble the templates. You use these as templates to make the same things out of cardboard. I used cereal boxes which is perfect for this. Once you cut out each shape and tape them together you lay each piece on the cardboard and trace it. Then you cut out the cardboard shapes.

This next picture shows you what we end up with . Each shoulder has two cardboard pieces. One of them is a base and one is the inner part. Just glue the smaller inner parts to the bigger parts. Then you glue some rope or wire all the way around the edges. I used a glue gun it works really well for that. You can use glue, it will just take longer to dry.



It's not shown in the picture above but I also added some small bars to the left shoulder. This will look nice after the vinyl has been added. It is more authentic. This picture shows it.









Next we want to prepare the vinyl to be attached to the spaulders. I separated the brown vinyl from the cotton backing. This way it will glue down very nicely to the cardboard spaulders.

I bought this vinyl at a fabric store called Joann fabrics. They very possibly have this stuff at walmart in the arts and crafts section. I also found some on amazon.com. It looks very similar but I am not positive. This might be solid without the white cotton backing.




Vinyl Pleather on Amazon.





Apply a thick and even coat of glue to each of the spaulders. Then you can glue down the vinyl to it. Press it down firmly and evenly.










This picture shows me pressing down the vinyl onto the cardboard spaulder. See how I have plenty of extra around the edges. We will trim this but we want enough to go all the way around the rope with a little extra that can be glued to the back to hold it in place.







This picture shows how it is glued around the back. Do this on both of them.











Now let's add the rope. It attaches to the larger leather piece which is the right shoulder spaulder. Tie it as shown. Use some tape to hold it together. the length on the left of the picture should be at least three feet long.






Punch some small holes in the spaulder and secure the rope to it with wire as shown in the picture. You can glue it too but it really should be wired so it doesn't come out or fall off with wear.









Now you can glue the buckle right over it. I used a hot glue gun which works great. If you have to you can pin this down with some wire just like you did with the rope.










Okay, let's finish these off. This picture shows some of the details to do.

Cut three rectangles out of cardboard and glue vinyl to them. Then secure them in the locations shown. Use glue and wires. These are the attachment tabs so we can connect them to the chest piece.

Also, paint the right shoulder pauldron with a flourish design. And, you can see that there are silver rivets on both pieces. I dabbed drops of hot glue and once it dried I painted the dabs silver. This gives them a great look.



Okay, the only thing left is to get some curve in them. This picture shows them curved up nicely so they fit on your shoulders. The curve won't stay though. But, when we attach them to the chest piece they will be nicely curved.







Hidden BladeOkay, the Spaulders are complete. Next we have to do the Chest Piece. That tutorial is coming! I do have a completed tutorial on how to make the Assassins Creed Hidden Blade





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