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How to Make a latex Predator Mask

This is a fun latex mask project that will teach you how to make a full head mask using latex. My thanks go to Floyd for making this project and sending me the pictures and the information on how to do it. That's him wearing the mask!



Equipment/tools needed

  • Air dry modeling clay
  • foam mannequin head
  • wooden skewers
  • liquid latex
  • dense foam scraps
  • super glue
  • toothpicks
  • black sharpie pen
  • acrylic paints
  • protective sealant spray
  • duct tape
  • Vaseline



Tape on foam pieces to give the head some shape.














Cover and shape the mannequin head with modeling clay.

Add wooden skewers to form the framework of the extended mouth.











Once the head is sculpted, cover it with Vaseline, this will make it easier when you try to peel the latex mask off the clay head.













Paint on layers of liquid latex allowing each to dry before applying the next. I used a blow dryer to speed this process up. It took me about 20 coats to get the thickness I wanted. The liquid latex I used was found in the Halloween section at WalMart. Next time I will order mask making latex, which I think is thicker than what I used.












Once the desired thickness is achieved, carefully peel the latex off the mannequin head. You should know have a mask!












I made the teeth out of clay. Once dry (I used blow dryer to speed the process) I cut small holes in the mask where the teeth were inserted and super glued into place.











Now you can paint the mask. I used spray primer before I painted it, which did cause some cracking of the paint, so I would not recommend pre coating it with primer unless you can find the kind that is good for putting on flexible surfaces. 










I painted on the base coat colors and then did some highlighting and used some paint washes and highlight on the inside of the mouth.














I used the black sharpie pen to pattern the head.















And then inserted and super glued tooth picks in the head to simulate the spikes.  I used snips to cut down the tooth picks flush on the inside of the mask so I wouldn't get poked when wearing it.












I coated the mask with a protective coating. Please make sure you know what you are spraying on the mask, as some protective coatings are sensitive to open flame. I would not recommend being near open flames when wearing the mask!

I did not add the dread locks to this mask because I was on a time crunch. You can find some great tips for adding them on Youtube. 









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