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How to Make the Volsung Dragon Priest Mask from Skyrim


This is a tutorial on how to make a Dragon Priest mask from Skyrim. It is the Volsung Mask. A pretty easy paper mache project and you can either wear it or hang it on the wall.

There is a three page template for this project that you can download and print out right here: The Volsung Mask Template

If you came to this tutorial from my youtube channel give me a day to post the tutorial to this page!

I also have lots of other weapons and armor projects you can make including the Daedric sword and DragonBorn Iron Helmet Right here: Weapons and Armor you can make



The completed Volsung Mask


This is a paper mache project and there are a few different ways you can make it. I will show you the easy and fast way to make it and I will also give you some nice alternatives.


The Paper Mache mix

Here is the paper mache that I make. It is simply two cups of flour and two cups of water. You add 1 tablespoon of table salt to inhibit mold growth in the long term. This salt helps preserve the finished product for a long time.






Strips of paper towels

You will also need lots of strips of paper towels or newspaper. If you use paper towels try to get the strong ones like Bounty. The cheap and thin ones tend to break and tear in the goopy paper mache.





Let's Get Started!

GLue the pieces down

Print out my template and cut out the five pieces then glue them to thin carboard. Cereal box cardboard is perfect for this.

In the picture you see the four pieces on the left. These will go on the mask. The one big cutout on the right is perfect like that. Just cut out the whole thing and glue it down.

I used gluestick for this.

Cut all these pieces out.


Building the base of the mask

Use the big piece as a base and build your mask right on top of it. You do this by crumpling newspaper or paper into balls and taping them down with masking tape.

For the most part you are just shooting for a bowl shape so your face can fit into it. But the eye holes are a little bit of work, Leave them open and crumple up balls of newspaper in the shape of a ball and put them in there.






Closeup of the eye

This picture gives you a sense of what you are shooting for with the eyesockets. they are rounded, kind of like ping pong balls.









The paper base of the mask

This picture shows what you are shooting for in this stage of the build.








Now we add our four cardboard pieces to the mask. And we will also add an optional nose piece. But first let me show you how to do these pieces. They stand up above the mask a little bit, maybe half an inch. We want these pieces to really stand out on top of the mask.







For all these face pieces you can build them up by taping strips or crumples of paper under them. Even rolls of tape work well. Like shown in this picture. I added lots more of these tubes to all the four pieces that go on the mask.







This shows the template pieces are in place and they look good. You can feel free to masking tape over the whole thing or as much as you want. Notice the eye socket on the right. For this one I added more newspaper afterward in the shape of a half ping pong ball to give us that eyeglobe look.






NextOk, we are just about ready to paper mache this mask. Let's continue with the tutorial and finish it!



Here is the Video Tutorial:




Instructions on how to make all kinds of masks out of all kinds of materials.





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