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Make an Arrow to the Knee


How could I resist? It is one of the most popular memes to have come out Skyrim. Fast and easy tutorial and you just need a few basic supplies like wire and a dowel.

This project is a bit of a new take on the classic arrow through the head prop. You have probably seen that one.

I also have lots of skyrim projects right here




Will with an arrow in his knee!


Here is a look at the completed project. You make it just like the classic arrow in the head with a piece of wire that wraps around your leg holding the two halves in place.

The completed arrow


What you will need:

  • 1 length of dowel 20 inches long
  • wire cutters and pliers
  • glue
  • a few scraps of cardboard
  • scissors
  • tin foil
  • x-acto or hobby knife (sharp knife)
  • Tape
  • Wire, house wire is great for this (coat hanger might be ok)
  • An empty cereal box, or some similiar type of cardboard (You don't need much of it)


Cut the dowel

Mark the middle of the dowel and score it deeply with your hobby knife then break the dowel in half on that score line.







curve the wire

If you are using electrical wire you should strip off the plastic coating and expose the bare wire. And cut it to fit a little more than halfway around your knee.











attach wire to the dowel ends

Wrap each end of that wire around an end of a dowel.












secure them together

Now you want to seal that joint where the wire is wrapped around the dowel. You can do this any of several ways including wrapping it with small strips of plaster cloth, small strips of plaster cloth or wrapping it with tape or electrical tape.

You can also make this thing gory by painting it red.






Cut out the arrow head

Cut ou an arrow tip from cereal box cardboard just like this.









slot in the dowel

The arrowhead is going to go into the arrow like this. So make a slot but don't glue the arrow head in yet.






attach the dowel

Cover that arrow head in aluminum foil then put it in the slot and glue everything in place. Very nice!






NextOk, Lets finish this thing off



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