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Make The Altair Sword from Assassin's Creed


This is a tutorial showing you how to make the Altair sword from Assassin's Creed. It is an easy project and will only take you an hour or two. I have the template right here you can download and I have a video showing you how to make it at the bottom of this page.

You can download the template right here pdf



The Altair sword


Okay, this is a pretty easy project and if you have made some of my other sword, armor and weapon projects you already have a good idea of how this is built. You won't need a whole lot of materials.

Can you make this sword? You sure can! And you can add your own details! Here is one made by Josiah. My thanks to him for sharing the pic with us.

Materials List:

  • 1 sheet of foam board
  • 2 sheets of some kind of foam 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick is good
  • black and silver paint
  • Some kind of glue to glue the blades together
  • Xacto knife and sand paper to shape the handle
  • Optional is a hot wire cutter (I use this in the tutorial to rough shape the handle)


Print up the template, cut out the three pieces that make up the sword and tape them together like this:

The Sword Template


Cut out the blades

Place the sword template on your foamboard and trace it. Do this three times so you have three complete swords. Then go ahead and cut them out. You can't use scissors for this. You need to use some kind of knife.


GLue the pieces together

Glue those three layers together. You can use just about any kind of glue, glue gun, elmers glue, spray adhesive etc. Get them nice and straight. That will make it look better and minimize work later.


Trace out the handles

Now let's make the foam handles by tracing out the handle onto sheets of foam. I am using 1 inch thick foam which is ok. You could use 1/2 inch thick. It would be a little less carving. Cut those two handle pieces out and glue them to the foamboard handle.


Shape the handle

Once the glue has dried you can shape the handles. Use any tools necessary including a hot wire cutter, sandpaper, files and knives. Be safe! Look at the picture on the cover of the printout to see what it should look like. Its all pretty basic and nothing too complicated.


This next and larger picture shows you the painting scheme. The blade is silver and I put the lines in it with a sharpie magic marker. The grip is black and the pommel and guard are both silver. Brush some black details onto the guard and paint the ornaments on the handle with silver.

Note about painting. You can use any kind of paint like hobby paint, acrylics or spray paint but some foam will be instantly melted by spray paint so if you use spray paint test it on a spare piece of foam first!

Paint the sword

That's It. Your sword is done!



Elmer's Guide-Line Foam Board 20 Inches x 30 Inches, White, 2 Foam Boards per pack

I love elmers foam board, and this has light grid lines on it .



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Assassins Creed Altair Majestic Sword

Great for fans of Assasins Creed. This is a serious weapon, with significant power, and ideal for display. This 440 stainless steel replica has beautiful black and silver detail: Winged-shape blade guard and goblin head pommel. * Includes stunning belt sheath * Great for cosplay or display * Brand new

Assassins Creed Assassin Fighting Knife Replica

Based on designs from the hit video game! Highly detailed! Add to your collection!

From the hit game Assassin's Creed , the Assassin Fighting Knife & Belt has a sweeping design with a sleek positive grip and decorative, high carbon steel blade. Full chest assembly (suede and metal) for covert carrying. Bring home this incredible replica today!


Assassins Creed Revelations 9 Inch PVC Action Figure Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

Based on Ubisofts bestselling video game, this statue depicts Ezio in all his glory as the Master Assassin. Sculpted by the same team responsible for the acclaimed white and black collectors edition figurines, the PVC figurine stands approximately 9 H, is highly detailed, and video game accurate.

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