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Make the Assassin's Creed Chest Piece - Part 2: Finishing it up


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the chest piece by adding the ornaments and the details. And we connect the shoulder pieces to it.

If you came directly to this tutorial you can see part 1 right here: Part 1of making the assassins creed leather chest piece


There are just a few details we need to finish off with this chest piece.


Add the center piece

Cut away the bit square notch in the center of the armor right between the pectoral guards and hot glue a black piece of cloth or leather behind it as shown in the picture.


With scissors trim all the way around the whole chest piece top and bottom. Give yourself an extra two inches. Then you can glue those pieces down into the inside. This makes a nice edge all the way around.

Fold and glue the vinyl

This picture shows the edges glued. Do this all the way around on the top and the bottom. These rough edges won't show when you are wearing the chest piece. But if you want to hide them you can go ahead and duct tape the whole inside or glue a layer of vinyl right inside.


Add the buckle

Now let's add a belt buckle. Cut the shape out of a piece of cardboard. Cereal box cardboard is perfect for this. Hot glue it down and paint it.


Add the rivets

Add rivets to the armor by dabbing on globs of hot glue. Once the hot glue is dried you can paint the rivets silver.


Attach the shoulders

Now that the chest is done we can attach the shoulder pieces. Pierce holes through the tabs on the shoulders and right through the chest piece. Attach them together with some strong wire. We use wire because we want the shoulders to be flexible and move but they have to stay attached too.


And thats it! Glue the end of the rope around to the back and your chest piece is done.

The finished chest piece


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