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How to Make Mehrunes Razor

Here's a fun and easy project from Skyrim. Here we make Mehrunes' Razor out of foam board. This is a Daedric artifact which can be acquired after doing the Pieces of the Past quest. In this tutorial we provide you with an easy to use template that can be printed.


Completed foam board Mehrunes' Razor


Template for foam board Mehrunes' RazorFirst, start by printing out the template here. Tape the two sheets together and cut out the shape of the dagger.







Tracing the template onto foam board and cutting it.Next, trace this image once on to foam board and cut it out with an exacto knife or box cutter.







Cutting out center pieces of template.After you cut this main piece which will be the center of the dagger, take the template and cut out the middle part of the blade and the small piece at the bottom. This space will create the indent in the blade.






Cutting out the other two pieces of the dagger.Trace the newly cut template twice onto foam board. Once, again cut out these pieces and now you have the 3 pieces that will make the body of the sword. Remember to cut out the indent in the blade and the small piece at the bottom of the hilt.





Cutting out two pieces that will go on the hilt of the blade.Use the template to trace and cut out the two smaller pieces, which will become part of the hilt.






Gluing all of the pieces that were just cut out together.Glue all of these pieces together with the first piece you cut in the middle.







Creating the rough metal effect with some aluminum foil in the center of the blade.Now, to create the rough metal effect use aluminum foil and some glue to fill the indent in the top of the blade. Cut off any excess.






Painting Mehrunes' Razor blade.Time to paint! For this tutorial I used a metallic silver for the blade so that it blends with the aluminum foil.






Painting Mehrunes' Razor Hilt.For the hilt I used brown. black, and the same silver. With the black I painted black lines on the handle with a brown as the base color.







After you've painted all your details you're finally done. Now, you have another one of the Daedric artifacts in your possession! If you love this tutorial you can find other Skyrim projects and more on our Video Game Projects page!



Foam Board

Elmer's 900802 Foam Board, White Surface with White Core, 20 x30 (Pack of 10)




Hot glue gunSurebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black

This is the exact glue gun I use for this project. It is a high quality professional type. Amazon does have more economical ones right here: Hot Glue Guns on Amazon.com



T shirt

Skyrim Character Black T-Shirt

This officially licensed black T-shirt features a front screen of the cover from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.




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