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Slay the dragon
Graphic by Ruth: http://loveablemoggy.deviantart.com

A Free Paper Game - Slay The Dragon



This is a free paper game you can download, print out, assemble and play. The goal of the game is to enter into the underground layer of the dragon and make your way down to its lair. As you travel you will find various caves and wandering monsters. You fight these and explore things and you will pick up various items that will help you in your quest to defeat the dragon.


The complete package is ten pages long and comes with everything you need including the game board, the game pieces and the rule book. There is also a dice you can cut out and assemble if you need one. The best thing to do with this is to print it up and glue or glue stick the board and pieces to cereal box cardboard and once it dries you cut the pieces out. It is a Microsoft Word Document and you can print it out here: (right click and save it to your computer)

I also have more free paper games at the bottom of this page.


Slay the dragon


Slay the dragon

I have some other paper games too:



Paper Game: The DragonSlayer This is a complete paper game that you can download, print up and play. You are the dragonslayer and you have to adventure through a series of chambers. In each chamber is a beast and if you slay the beast you get a better weapon. Each beast and each weapon progressively gets harder and better. Face the dragon when you are ready. The weapons are the same weapons that I have made on my website here and on my youtube channel. Get the game here



Wizard's Quest

Wizard's Quest
Downloadable Paper game. You are a wizard and you must choose from three magical paths and then defeat the dreaded Gegenhound in battle. Everything you need including a paper dice. Wizard's Quest Paper Game



Free paper role playing game

This game is called Enter the Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess. You have to enter and find then defeat the Minotaur.This is a complete game that I made. It has everything you need in one download. The game pieces, the board and the rulebook. Paper Game: Enter the Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess



The Free Paper Game - Role Playing Adventure

Storm The Castle - Print, make and play this adventure game. You are a knight and you have to storm through the castle and overthrow the King! Along the adventure you run into guards, wandering beasts and more. Totally free game that you can print up, assemble and play. Including a paper dice if you don't have one. The Paper Game


Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse Paper Game

This is a free paper game that you can download and play. And just like any good zombie movie the goal is just to get past all the zombies! Zombie Apocalypse Paper Game



India Paper game

India - The Game

This game is a bit different and a whole lot of fun. Instead of rolling dice we use the centuries old technique of flicking a chip just like the game of Carrom that they play in India. Fun adventure where you have to collect the ancient dagger and deliver it to the Taj Mahal. Print and play "India" here



I have other Paper Projects that are totally free:

Make a Paper Castle

Make a Paper and cardboard Castle

This is a fun project - I give you all the drawings and plans you need to make this castle thats ready for painting - Make a castle


Neuschwanstein Castle

I have a more challenging Paper Castle. It is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. If you are looking for a more dramatic castle this project is for you. The Neuschwanstein Paper Castle Project


The Black Dragon paper Castle

The Black Dragon paper Castle- This is my latest paper castle project and currently the castle is completed but the tutorial is not. You can check on the progress of this project here: The Black Dragon Paper Castle


Paper Game Home Page is here




Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, 4th edition

Talisman takes you on journey through magical lands, as you endeavor to reclaim the Crown of Command. Each turn will see your hero advancing, battling, gaining knowledge and power necessary to defeat the guardians lurking between the Portal of Power and the Valley of Fire. For 2-6 players playable in 1-2 hours. Game includes:Revised Rulebook6-fold game board14 Character Cards with matching plastic character figures Over 100 Adventure cards24 Spell cards28 Purchase cards4 Talisman cards4 Toad cards4 Plastic Toad figures Alignment cards6 Six-sided die40 Strength Counters 40 Craft Counters 40 Life Counters 36 Fate Tokens30 Gold Coins


Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set (D&D Introductory Game)

The best way for new players to learn 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons !
This new product makes it easier than ever to start playing Dungeons & Dragons immediately.
The D&D Roleplaying Game Starter Set introduces the complex world of D&D play to new fans in simple, easy-to-understand ways while retaining the fantastic inspiration of the full game experience. This product includes an introductory version of the 4th Edition rules, dice, map tiles, and an adventure to get starting playing right away!