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German Halftrack Diorama - Sd.Kfz

The SD.Kfz is a German Half-track armored personnel carrier. It came in a wide variety of configurations (nearly two dozen). In this tutorial Steve shows us how he built a diorama around one.

And he shows us the various materials that are often used to make a diorama.

Steve has lots more dioramas on my website. You can check them all out here: Steve's Dioramas

One terrific thing that Steve does with his dioramas is that he often takes pictures of them with realistic backgrounds. You can see that in the first couple of pictures here in this tutorial. If you want ideas on how to take pictures like this, that add a bit of realism to your dioramas I have a tutorial right here: Three techniques for taking pictures of your dioramas

German half-track diorama with background

Another view of the diorama with a backgrouind


WillA note from Will: I often talk about a diorama being a captured moment in time. And one of the great things about this diorama is that the "caught" moment is one of action. The soldiers are quickly disembarking off the vehicle and Steve has caught this action very well with the way he positioned the soldiers.


Starting and shaping the base and terrain
Pine plaque from a craft shop (Michaels).  I've always scoured the base to give the ground cover something to cling to even when sealed with MinWax.  For this one I used a Dremel bit to actually dig into the base.  the idea was to depict a Sdz running off a country road due to incoming rounds.
Once the base was sealed, I glued down some styrofoam strips to give some illusion of a road.  Balsa sticks used to make a semblance of a fence.



Adding the terrain textures and details

Grass of course is separated hemp rope.  Ground cover is spackle.  the small amount of water is clear silicone.







Detail view of the spackle and grass

Here is a closer look at the spackle terrain and the hemp rope grass.








the figures

The figures are a mix of grenadiers, modified assault troop and the kits figures.










Closeup of soldier Closeup of soldier with panzerfaust

Speaking of figures, always do the face first.  When happy with the face, seal with an enamel and then move to the rest of the body.  The soldier getting shot in the neck is a modified figure as is the man next to the Sdz with the panzerfaust.



The diorama during building


Angle view of the diorama




Revell of Germany Sd.Kfz.21/16 Ausf.C Plastic Model Kit

  • This kit features a fully-detailed half-track
  • Half-track features two flamethrowers
  • Decals for the 36th and 60th infantry division
  • Requires model glue and paint - not included


Book Cover

Building Dioramas

Acclaimed modeler Chris Mrosko explains how to build dioramas that showcase models and create dramatic scenes, as well as offering expert modeling tips. Focusing on a step-by-step, how-to approach, modelers will learn the fundamentals of construction and design, airbrushing and finishing tips, how to cast pieces out of resin, and more. The ideal reference for modelers who want to expand their skills and do more with their models. A variety of step-by-step projects that range from Saving Private Ryan to modern global conflicts. Modelers will learn how to create wedgie dioramas to showcase figures.