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Glen's Barbed Wire Tutorial

Here is a great tutorial on how to make barbed wire for military dioramas. And it also shows you how to add small danger and warning signs to the wire. Its a terrific tutorial with lots of pictures and my thanks to Glen for submitting this. He has other great diorama stuff here on my website including a jeep diorama, a Panzer Tank diorama, and a Kubelwagen Desert diorama. You can see them all here: Glen's Military Dioramas


Here is a look at the completed barbed wire.

The completed barbed wire


The tools needed

Materials required.
Fuse wire
Blue tac
Cocktail sticks
Wire Cutters

Plastic parts

Pigs tails/metal poles from Italeri no 401 1/35 scale

Set up the poles

I put the poles into some blue tac and then put it on my spray turntable, I find this easier and because it revolves it is good for this type of work too.


Thread the fuse wire

You then need to thread the fuse wire through eyelets on poles

small pieces

You then need to cut a small piece of fuse wire approx 11/2" long and cut into approx 1/4"-3/16" pieces. You can always trim more off when they have dried on the wire later.

Canopy glue drop

I use Canopy Glue to fixing it all together the advantage of this is that it goes on white and it dries back clear so you can see what you are putting on and where. Put a small dab of glue onto some paper.

Apply glue with a toothpick

Using a cocktail stick get a dab of glue on the point


Dab on glue

Dab the point of cocktail stick onto the wire


Add barbs

You then need to put your cut wire on the dots of glue to put them you can use your fingers if you have a steady hand or use tweezers, put them on in all different directions


Cut out flags

This is how i done the flags, I cut out the shapes two of them so that the picture would be on both sides, using a glue stick glued them together


Apply glue to flags

Put a line of glue on the wire, and after trimming your flag attach it, these can go where ever.


The flag is added


Grizzly Bear Model Tank

Building and Weathering a Tank

Here is another tutorial by John. He makes a German Brummbar (Grizzly Bear) step by step and shows us some fantastic weathering techniques. If you like military models you should check this one out. Building and Weathering a model tank


a realistic looking fallen tree

Make a realistic looking fallen tree

He uses around the house materials to make a very real looking tree. He shows us how right here. Make a realistic looking fallen tree (and brush too)



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