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Luke's Normandy Diorama

Here is another terrific military diorama made by Luke. It is called "Normandy". It came out great. And he took it outside and integrated it into the landscape taking some pictures that are just amazing! It looks very realistic.

My thanks to Luke for sharing his work with us and he has submitted another diorama to my website. You can check it out here.



He tells us about it:

This diorama is a Panther advancing through the hedgerows in Normandy near St. Lo while it is being stalked by an American bazooka team.  The base is a piece of plywood, with chicken wire and paper mache build up to form the elevated sections on either side of the road. 

After making the paper mache to the height I wanted, I covered the road in a thin layer of plaster.  After that I used my knife to bore out the holes in the road. 

To create the clumps of dirt, I simply spread white school glue down, and put the pieces I bored out back on top of that. 

I then painted the whole thing, using different shades of brown and green for the grass and the dirt.  The wet looking substance on the road is a thin layer of Water Effects from Woodland Scenics.

I got it to look driven over by pushing the tank over it a lot. The grass is pencil shavings(Will's tutorial) and the trees are wire and clay(again Will's tutorial). I bought the foliage from Hobby Lobby and just suck that where I wanted it and used white school glue to stick it down.  The tank is the star of the diorama as you can see in my pictures. :P


The tank in setting sunlight


The soldiers


Overhead view of the diorama


The diorama


Soldiers behind a tree


The diorama view


The diorama



Tamiya Models German Pzkfw V Panther

Tamiya Models German Pzkfw V Panther Ausf A Model Kit

The Panther tank was ordered in 1942 as a counter to the Russian T-34 tank. The Panther entered service in mid 1943 until the end of World War II. A total of 6,000 Panthers were produced during World War II.

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How to Make a Plastic Model

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