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How to make a Batman/Batgirl Mask


This is a tutorial showing you how to make a Batman mask. It is easy to do and you just need a few basic supplies. Two pieces of craft foam is the material use.

The wonderful thing about craft foam is that when you heat it with a hair dryer you can shape it and it will retain it's shape.

The template for this project is here (coming in a few minutes)

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.

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The batman mask

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The materials and toolsMaterials and Tools:

  • 2 sheets of Black craft foam (9x12" each) or 1 12x18" piece BLACK FUN FOAM 9" X 12" X 1/16" THICK (12 PCS/PACK)
  • Masking tape
  • Hair dryer or heat gun (Note: Some hair dryers will not get hot enough to shape craft foam)
  • black electrical tape
  • 1 styrofoam mannequin head, or newspaper and masking tape to make one (Styrofoam Head)
  • A few small pieces of some kind of firm foam, styrofoam is quite ok. You can even make these small pieces with newspaper and masking tape
  • A hobby or X-acto Knife
  • The template

In the picture you see the styrofoam mannequin head that we use. If you don't have one that is ok! You can make a fake head using balled up newspaper and masking tape. You can see our newspaper head in the picture.

Let's Get Started!

Wrap newspaper

If you don't have a mannequin head you can make one by crumpling and rolling newspaper like this. Make it nice and tight because you will be pressing on it to form and shape the batman mask.






Add pieces

We will start by making ourselves a mold that we can form the craft foam over. We do this by making five pieces and gluing them to the mannequin head (or newspaper head).

These pieces are in the template.

They are the Cheekbones, the eyebrows and the nose.




Cut out from the template


Print up the template and cut out the five pieces.






Trace template pieces

Place those pieces on some kind of a foam about 1/2 inch thick. And trace them.






The pieces

And cut them out. You can also sand them a little bit to soften them and smooth them out.

NextOkay! You are doing great! Let's continue with the tutorial








Watch the Video Tutorial Here:







Styrofoam Head





Male Mannequin White Styrofoam Head






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