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How to Sculpt a Miniature Treasure Chest: Part 2


This is part 2 of the how to sculpt a miniature treasure chest for wargaming, fantasy gaming or just for your collection of miniatures. In this part of the tutorial I show you some tips on making an open treasure chest and how to add the gold piles. A treasure chest is a great way to start learning how to do miniature sculpting because it is pretty easy to do. If you have come to this page directly from a search engine the first part of this tutorial is here: Part 1 How to sculpt a miniature treasure chest


Okay, a couple more tips for you.

Lid is open

You can also make a treasure chest with the lid open. This looks really good. And you can put a lump of putty inside the chest and even one on the outside. These would be piles of gold and gems.

Add the Gold

Once the chest is sculpted you can add a lump of modeling putty inside and sculpt it to a pile of gold. You can also add a lump outside the chest on the ground.


Here are our three Treasure chests. They just need to dry and then be painted.

The three treasure chests

Now let's finish up the project by painting them which is also very easy.


Paint the wood brown

Paint the wood a shade of brown.


Paint the metal bands

Next paint the metal bands. I painted the bands on two of the chests black and on one chest I used a bronze metallic.


Now just do the detail painting like the locks, hasps, hinges or any handles that you added. And don't forget to put some tiny colored dots for jewels! Your treasure chests just need a spray coat of sealant and they are ready to be placed where your dungeon adventurers might find them! Mine are going in my Fantasy Wall Diorama


The three miniature treasure chests


Here is the video for this tutorial




Procreate Putty 2.5 Oz.

This is one of the best two part puttys that you can use to make extremely fine detail miniatures. You mix amounts of the two parts together and then you have a certain amount of working time. (About 2 hours)This working time is one reason why you should practice on other clays first.


Green Stuff

Green Stuff (6in Strip) RPR 75006 Modelling putty. This stuff is excellent and I use it in many of my tutorials.


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