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Ral Partha Miniatures


Going through some old boxes I stumbled across a whole bunch of miniatues that are Ral Partha. Many of the bottoms are stamped with the company name and the date which range anywhere from the 70's to the 90's. What a cool find :) Ahh, the good old days when I was a teen and having fun painting up the miniatures and making dioramas. Some of them are painted and some of them are not. Anyway here are some pictures. I used to love Ral Partha stuff and I used to get the catalog and I even still have one of the catalogs from 1998-1999. It's a shame that they went out of business.



Ral Partha Catalog

This is the Ral Partha catalog from the Winter of 98/99. This was back in the day when you had to fill out the order sheet and send it in with a check! No websites back then. The catalog is just loaded with all kinds of great stuff. I wonder what happened to all the molds? Does anybody still make the Ral Partha Miniatures?

Doing a quick check of ebay I see that there still are plenty of them out there!





Here are the miniatures I found. I am definitely going to have some fun cleaning them up, stripping some of them down and painting them all. I do have a larger image if you want to get a closer look. Large picture of the Ral Partha Miniatures

Update: Somebody got in touch with me about some Ral Partha miniatures that he has. I ended up buying a few of them. Checking ebay there is quite a vibrant and active Ral Partha community going on and there is lots of stuff. And lots of it is still in the original packaging which is pretty cool. Here is a picture of the stuff I bought. There are some Spartan Warriors, Cavalry, bowmen and swordsmen. Pretty cool. I can't wait to paint them!




Bridge of Sorrows This is a wonderful old Ral Partha kit. It depicts a wyvern or dragon trying to take a maiden but our wizard and knight are not going to give up without a fight. This project is nicely done and has some special modifications. See a bigger picture here

And Ral Partha miniatures has an interesting story. These old metal fantasy figures still live on. That part of the Ral Partha company was moved around and then back to many of the original employees. It is now Iron Wind Metals.