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How to make Foam Terrain for wargaming and dioramas - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial I will actually make some terrain for a diorama or wargaming and show you the actual steps I take. These techniques can be used for all kinds of terrain and for just about any size terrain.

When laying out a diorama or wargaming terrain I recommend that you first do some sketches of what you want to create. These sketches will be a big help when it comes to actually building the terrain. Below is one of the sketches that I made for the terrain diorama in this tutorial. The end product will look very much like this.



foam diorama terrain sketch

Select the types and sizes of foam that you will use and cut them to form the rough shapes of the terrain. I start with a single sheet as the ground. Then I add several different rough cut pieces to form the major landscape. In this example the major landscape is the hill/cliff that the castle is perched on. The picture also shows some of the castle walls. Generally I would not do this at this point of the game. But I may lay them out to see how they look. I wouldn't glue them in place until later.

Assemble the foam pieces to form terrain

Next you glue the major parts in place. Remember that in this terrain I only have one high hill. In your terrain you may have lots of terrain features and you may have to glue various pieces. You can also layer the pieces so they are three, four or more pieces high. Use regular white glue, yellow glue or a glue gun to do this. Do not start sculpting the terrain until the glue is dry.

Glue or hot glue the foam together

Ok, once you have all the major foam features laid out on the project you can begin with the detail and finishing work. The picture below shows all the major pieces in place.

The foam terrain is complete

NextLet's do the detail work - Continue with the tutorial


Watermill diorama

The Water Wheel Diorama

I love dioramas with water effects. And Frank has done an amazing job with this one. He used a lot of common materials to make it including the water and the waterfall. Check it out here.



A simple diorama

Make a simple diorama

This is a great project for kids. You need a small box, glue stick, scissors and a magazine. That's it. I show you how to make a simple diorama.