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Rubber Composite tools (Clay Shapers) for Sculpting


If you are sculpting miniatures one of the big challenges is tools. And in particular, tools that are good for sculpting in miniature! These can be hard to come by and you have probably heard of people using all kinds of dental picks. I use them all the time and they work great. But you do have other options when it comes to tools.


A web visitor and hobby sculptor (Morgan J.) has submitted pictures and his thoughts on these great sculpting tools. They are tipped in various shapes and made of a composite rubber. This is a really nice set of tools that you can add to your arsenal. Here is what he has to say about them:

About the tools I use. They are called Clay Shapers or Color Shapers. They are silicon rubber so the tip is flexible. They are about 7.99 for a size 2 and 5.99 for a size 0. They range between sizes 0-16. you can buy them online for about the same price as in the store. You can buy them at mostly every art store (there in the brushes section just a little note).

Well thats pretty much it, umm well I took some more picture of the clay shapers so you can get a better look at them. I guess I can give out a couple tips and hints- 1st - I only recomend sizes 2's and 0's for scuplting miniatures anything bigger is too big. 2nd - You must buy the FLAT CHISEL if your buying clay shapers that is the best tool in my opinion( it look like a chisel in the pic I sent you, like people use when makeing marble sculptures). 3rd - Make or buy a tool for fine detail, there is a clay shaper for that.

A Clay shaper


A Clay Shaper


A Clay Shaper


Clay Shaper Tool Set

Clay Shaper Flat Chisel X Firm 02An entirely new approach to working with clay, plasticene, plaster and heavy paints! Create unlimited textures and marks or model and carve with precision. Tips clean in seconds an are solvent resistant.



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