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Paper Castle Kits and Resources

Here is a hand picked selection of paper castle kits. I also have some kits that I have made and you can download, print and make for free.

Will's Free Castle Kits


Will's Newest Paper Castle kit: Woodforde Castle - Fun and easy paper castle kit. Complete pdf with all the parts and instructions on how to make it. Free paper Castle Kit


The completed castle before painting

Will's first paper castle kit - Fun kit that is easy to make. It also is a good example showing the major types of buildings and fortifications in a real castle. This project comes with a fact sheet. Make a paper Castle

Tatebanko paper castle

A Tatebanko Castle: Tatebanko is the almost lost art of Japanese Paper Dioramas. This is a complete kit that you download, print up and make. It is a castle scene inside a box. Easy to make and should take about an hour. You just need the basics like scissors, glue and a cereal box or two. Make a Tatebanko Castle


Neuschwanstein Castle

I have a more challenging Paper Castle. It is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. If you are looking for a more dramatic castle this project is for you. The Neuschwanstein Paper Castle Project


The Black Dragon paper Castle

The Black Dragon paper Castle- This is my latest paper castle project and currently the castle is completed but the tutorial is not. You can check on the progress of this project here: The Black Dragon Paper Castle


Castle Kits on Amazon

Make this Model Castle by Usborne

-- Requires only glue, scissors and a craft knife-- Most historical titles compatible with OO/HO scale to complement figures bought from model shops-- Fantasy models include moving parts and "see-inside" sections-- Each model includes full-color buildings, people and baseboard-- Baseboards of the 12th century village, town, castle and cathedral fit together to form one large medieval setting


Make this Medieval Village by Usborne


Make this Cathedral by Usborne


Make this Medieval Town by Usborne



Make this Medieval Port by Usborne


Paper Nano Neuschwanstein Castle

Paper Nano Neuschwanstein Castle

  • Located in Bavaria Germany this Romanesque Revival palace was built for Ludwig II; it's the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Paper Nano is small-scale, highly-detailed, elegant paper crafting where you can build flawless masterpieces with exacting detail amazing accuracy
  • High-tolerance laser cutting technology creates the parts needed to build exact replicas of world famous landmarks and architectural history
  • Fold, crease, curl and bend the paper components to make strikingly attractive reproductions that you will be proud to display
  • Final projects are a mere 3.5 by 3.5 inches; each kit comes with detailed instructions and a display shadow box, for ages 12+


Cut & Assemble Caernarvon Castle

Cut & Assemble Caernarvon Castle

(Note from Will: I have made this paper castle and you can watch a video of it on my youtube channel right here: Caernarvon Castle Paper Diorama


Make this Wizard's Castle

Make this Wizard's Castle by Usborne

Using only glue, scissors or a craft knife, this book demonstrates how to make a historically-accurate model of a wizard's castle. In addition there are cut-out characters to add to the lively scenes.


Schreiber Bogen Knights Castle Card Model

Schreiber Bogen Knights Castle Card Model

  • Knight's Castle Rudolfseck has been developed extra for juniors
  • Made in Germany
  • Difficulty level 1
  • Kit includes modeling sheets, instructions, and tips for construction
  • Highly detailed paper modeling for the hobby enthusiast


Easy to Make Paper Castle by A.G. Smith

Easy to Make Paper Castle by A.G. Smith

Here's a sturdy, easy-to-assemble paper toy that will provide hours of fun and imaginative adventure for any child. Specially designed for children ages 4 to 10, this easy-to-construct three-dimensional model of a medieval castle comes complete with walls, towers, gate house, great hall, kitchen, well, ramp, and drawbridge. Also included are ten armored knights who stand ready to defend their towering fortress with swords, shields, lance, bows, and arrows.
Step-by-step instructions and simple exploded diagrams explain how to cut, fold, and glue each part, enabling youngsters (with perhaps minimal help from a parent or teacher) to assemble their very own castles ( 8 5/16" x 8 5/16" x 4 3/8"). Only a few additional inexpensive, readily available materials are required.


Cut & Assemble a Crusader Castle in Full Color: The Krak Des Chevaliers in Syria (Models & Toys)

I have made this exact project and I have pics and a video right here.