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A Paper Neuschwanstein Castle with some wonderful added details


This castle project was built on my Paper Castle plans located here. It was built by David F., His wife Jana and their daughter Marissa. It came out really great and they added some nice touches to make it look real. Thanks to Dave, Jana, and their daughter Marissa for the great castle pics! Nice Work on the wonderful creative touches.


Some notes about how they did this:

Stone Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 7992830 Stone Creations 12-Ounce Spray, Gray Stone (Available on Amazon.com or your local home improvement store)

They used a stone effect spray paint like this one made by Rust -Oleum. It gives a wonderful stone texture. This is a creative and easy way to make your paper castle look like stone! You can see this effect really nice and close up in the third and fourth pictures.


They did a couple more things that add a real special touch. The color of the courtyard is different than the surrounding grounds. They spread elmers glue in the courtyard then sprinkled sand from their sandbox. This gives the courtyard a refined look. For the details on the outside of the castle they used hot glue for the bark and the rocks, and elmers glue for the red rock which had a lot of fines in it.


Flores Castle side view

Flores Castle top view

Flores Castle Close up

Flores Castle Close up

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