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Easy Green Screen tutorial

This tutorial is a companion piece to my tutorial on how to make a scale model airplane. I had a bit of fun with it in that I did a green screen that popped me right into the flying airplane.

Here I show you how I did it and how you can easily do green screen.




Here is the model making tutorial. The Green Screen segment starts at 37 seconds if you want to skip forward to it.


Typically wit green screen somebody stands in the foreground and there is a green screened background. There are a simple two layers. That looks good but you can make the effect even more realistic with a little bit of work. You can bring some of the background into the foreground. This places the person in the middle of the action with some stuff in the background and some stuff in the foreground.

At a couple of points in the video I actually put my arm on the edge of the airplane. This takes it to a more genuine level of realism. It isn't hard to achieve this. I will show you how to do something like this.

And this image shows me with my arm back in the cockpit.


Here is how I did it

I made a rolling background with some wall paper that has clouds on it.

The plane is mounted right near the camera and the rolling clouds are in the background.

And I rotated the handle so the background clouds would pass by.

Here is how it looks through the camera.

Next I need to put me in the shot. And I want to be in the middle of the shot not just in the foreground. I can do this by putting green screen behind me and some green screen in front of me.

What happens is that the airplane is put in the foreground and when I put my hand on the edge of the green screen my hand will be in front of the airplane.

Now, using video editing software I put the two videos together, one right over the other.

And the software makes it very easy to remove one color. In this case I am removing the green.


And here you go. The two videos are seamlessly merged.



Want to learn how to setup the large green cloth ( the actual green screen?) I have a tutorial on that right here:

Green Screen

(1) x 6'x9' Green Backdrop Screen

Size : 6 x 9 ft.
This Backdrop made by fabricated material
Reflective and None Gloss surface.
Simply dust off the surface and should be ready for reuse.
Lightweight fabric and wrinkle-resistant.

(5) x Backdrop Holders (Backdrop Helper)

Used on crossbar (Diameter : 28mm).
Maximum load:5lbs.
This Backdrop Helpers are essential for hanging muslin, or other cloth backgrounds.
It's nice for stretching out the wrinkles from muslin backgrounds.



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