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The Catapult Game - Storm The Castle!

The Catapult game is a fun little game that you can make in an hour. You build a little catapult out of popsicle sticks, build your castle then hurl paper ball projectiles at it. Here is a video of me playing the game. Catapult Game Video


The object of the game: You have ten paper balls to hurl at the castle and the castle has windows of different sizes. Each window is worth a different amount of points, and of course the small window at the top is worth the most. See how many points you can get with your ten paper projectiles.

This Game takes about 90 Minutes to make. The catapult takes an hour and the rest of the game takes half an hour.


How to Make this Catapult Game

What you need:

The catapult game

  • 1 Piece of thin wood like paneling or even a piece of stiff cardboard about three feet long and 18 inches wide. This can vary
  • a piece of poster board about two feet by two feet
  • marker
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • ten paper balls
  • masking tape
  • your catapult, I will show you a bit about how to make this from 9 popsicle sticks, masking tape and a rubber band

The castle

Draw your castle on the piece of poster board. Make the window and door holes different sizes. The big main door is 1 point, the top window is 10 points and the side windows are 5 points. Make the tabs shown on the left and right nice and large. These are needed to assemble the castle upright.



Cut out the doors and windows

Cut out the castle and the holes for the door and windows.






Tape it in place

With masking tape fold the castle tabs so it stands up then tape it all down to one end of your battlefield.







Play the game

Draw a line at the other end of the Battlefield. This is the foul line that the catapult must stay behind.

And you are ready to go!





The Teeny Tiny Catapult A little bit about the Catapult. This catapult is easy to build and uses popsicle sticks, masking tape and a rubber band. I have a little bit about how to make it on this page - The Teeny Tiny Catapult



Catapult gameCan you make one of these catapult games? And will it be a lot of fun? It sure will! I Web visitor made this catapult and game for here six year old son's birthday party and it was a big success. She also has some great tips on how to make it better. The Catapult Game



Mini weapons of mass destruction

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 3: Build Siege Weapons of the Dark Ages

Utilizing easy-to-find and inexpensive materials, this handy resource teaches desktop warriors how to build a multitude of medieval siege weapons for the modern era. Novice combatants will learn to build 35 defense weapons, including a marshmallow catapult, a chopstick bow, a bottle cap crossbow, and a clothespin ballista. In addition to beefing up their Dark Age arsenal, would-be warriors are provided with a number of targets on which to practice their shooting skills. Clear diagrams, instructions, and safety tips for each project are included, making construction of each of these weapons simple, safe, and fun.


Kits and More Siege Engine Projects

Another Interesting Project: How to Build a Trebuchet

Make a trebuchetThe Trebuchet was a unique siege engine of the middle ages. It was extraordinarily powerful and was easier for military engineers to build because it used gravity as the energy source. I also have a complete project on how to make the Little Dragon Trebuchet.



Catapults and Siege Engines


LEGO® Castle King's Castle Siege - From this mighty Castle, the good King rules over all he surveys - Help him defend the kingdom against the skeleton warriors and their mighty dragon! Firing catapult flings boulders at evil attackers, and moveable walls within the castle help keep the knights safe Moveable walls for multiple build and play scenarios, working drawbridge, firing catapults and oulders and Knock-Down bridge --Includes heroic king and knights, skeleton warriors and constructible dragon --974 Pieces


A Catapult Kit Catapult Kit - Lay Siege To The Doghouse! Right after you build your own working medieval catapult. All you'll need is glue, scissors and a steady hand to construct this wooden, Canadian-made siege engine kit. The finished catapult stands 6" tall x 5" wide x 10" long and will toss assorted stuff (meatballs?) 15 feet or further, depending upon the stuff. Comes with detailed instructions. Note: Please don't propel small mammals, and please don't put anyone's eye out.


What good is a catapult if you don't have a castle to attack!

Make a paper and cardboard castle

I have another project you might like. It is the Paper Castle and it has everything you could want in a castle making project including all the art work you can download. You just follow the instructions and make it yourself with some glue and cereal boxes. Build a Paper and Cardboard Castle It also has a learning sheet that helps to learn about castles when you are building it.