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The Table Top Crossbow

This is an amazing little crossbow project that was made by David F. My thanks to him for submitting the pictures and the information about it.

It is well build and it looks fantastic. I don't usually cover much about crossbows but this one is simply amazing.



Here is what David has to say about building this crossbow.

hi will, here are some pics of my miniature crossbow. after I made it I went online to see other home made catapults and found your site. It is very nice to know that somebody like you is out there keeping these crafts alive. The crossbow is 11 1/2 inches inches tall And when shot with a high arc it fires the 7 inch bolt 65 feet (I measured). It's more fun to lay siege on the enemy from about 30 feet. The tricky part was the bolt, I learned to shape it's base so it would spin in flight, then it doesn't lose any of the energy to wobble or drift. The bow is made of Rock Maple and the string is woven silk. The tip of the bolt is a cleat from an old golf shoe, I put the yellow tape on to make them easier to find.

Thank you for your time, David F.

The Table Top crossbow

Crossbow side view

The bolt of the crossbow

The Trigger



Make a Ballista out of foam board

It's an ancient Roman and Greek siege engine and you can make one out of foamboard. I have the template for you. Cut out the pieces, trace onto foamboard and put it together. Make a Ballista


A Handmade medieval crossbow

On my other website: A Web visitor has submitted some awesome pictures of a hand made medieval crossbow. The stock is carved in the shape and form of a dragon and it's absolutely beautiful! Check out more (and bigger) pictures of this awesome crossbow - medieval crossbow




Make your own medieval weapons

Interested in making your own crossbow, catapult, slingshot or other type of projectile weapons? Take a look at this book:

The Practical Guide to Man-Powered Bullets: Catapults, Crossbows, Blowguns, Bullet-Bows and Airguns (Available at




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