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Making the Dog Pinata Talk

This is the electronic portion of the talking dog pinata. Every time the dog pinata is hit it speaks!

Pretty easy electronic project to do.

The tutorial on how to make the dog or any animal pinata is here



The electronic device that I use for this project:

20 Second Recording module with 9v battery connector -

Fully Assembled and tested. All you need to do is add a 9V Battery. Record: Press and hold Record switch. LED indicator turns on and start recording. Release switch to finish recording, and LED turns off. Play: Press Play switch to play complete message once.




You don't need to do a lot in order to modify this device so it works on your pinata.

To record your message you press and hold this button. When you are done recording your message you release the button.









And to play the message that you recorded you press this gray button. But we need to figure out a way so that it works when the pinata is hit.









So, that button is simply a button with two contacts. Making momentary contact starts up the recording and plays it.

I desoldered that button then replaced it with a little home made device that is simply a couple of wires. This set up is similar to how an old time pinball machine works. If you shake it the center wire touches the outer ring and makes the connection just like the button would do. And the recording plays.


Here is the setup. These two wires connect to the terminals where the button was. This hangs from the dogs collar. Now when the pinata is hit the center wire is jarred and it touches the ring. This makes the momentary contact and sets off the recording.













If you have trouble getting the center wire to swing freely you should tinker with it. I added a nut and bolt to the end of mine. This gives it weight, making it easier to swing when the pinata is hit.















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