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Hobby Companies

There are a variety different types of hobby companies. Some are retail oriented and some are solely manufacturers and or distributors.

In this article I am sticking to the hobby companies that relate directly with us the consumer.

Some specialize in certain hobbies. I will point that out for you.


The Big Retail Stores

Hobby Lobby - I have been to hobby lobby several times. It is new to my area of the country. And I really like it a lot. My store is very big and it has a lot of stuff. And it has two full aisles of stuff that is specific to the hobbies I mostly pursue including models, rockets, miniatures, terrain and stuff like that. They also have a wonderful selection of stained glass. Yes, they actually have lots of stained glass.

Michaels: Art supplies, baking supplies, beads, jewelry, oil paints and canvas, floral, picture framing, knitting, papercraft and more. I go to Michaels frequently. I like their selection of clays, polymers, puttys and more. I haev bought countletss things like paints, glue guns and more from them.

A.C. Moore: They call themselves the arts & crafts store and they are right. Lots of good arts and crafts supplies here. One thing I like about their theme and website is that it is easy to search for crafs by a theme such as weddings, mothers day, easter and more. I have bought lots of stuff from my local AC Moore.

MegaHobby: I like this company. They are very heavy on models, kits and things like that when it comes to hobbies. They have lots of models, military models, aircraft, railroad, rockets and more. Some good stuff here that can be tricky to find at the other hobby stores which tend to focus on arts and crafts.

Amazon.com - Don't overlook the biggest store in the world. They have pretty much everything. Here is a link to their main page for hobbies best sellers.


R/C Vehicles, drones, Planes, Rockets and more:

HobbyTron - They are a retailer of a lot of things like airsoft guns, and remote control toys. They are also a big retailer of drones. If you are looking for remote controlled fun this company is probably your best bet.

Horizon Hobby - This is a more traditional RC company. They lean more toward airplanes, helicopters and vehicles of a more traditional nature. They do of course also have drones.

Stormer Hobbies - They specialize in remote control cars.

Tower hobbies: R/C Vehicles, Planes, Helicopters, Cars, Quads and More

Estes Rockets - I absolutely love model rocketry. It is an inexpensive hobby and just rather wonderful. I have launched lots of rockets and the thing about it is that you make them first then you launch them so it is two different kinds of things. They have been the leader in model rocketry for a long time and you can purchase directly from their website here: Estes Rockets - Or if you prefer you can check out their section on amazon: - Estes on Amazon - -

Specific areas:


Woodland Scenics: They have been making terrain, trees, rivers and kits for a very long time. They were very heavy into the model railroad hobby but have modernized and branched out quite well. They have a whole big selection of terrain, glues, tools, paints and the things you need to make miniature scenery including buildings, figures, and more. And they now sell directly from their website. I have purchased countless hundreds of dollars of their product.

Note that you can also shop amazon for woodland scenics stuff right here

Model Rectifier Corporation (JTT Scenery Products) MRC has a sub company that specializes in some wonderful terrain products including trees, plants and much more. I like their assortment of small plants and their prices are very competitive. You can purchase directly from their website.


Revell: This is a company that has been around for 65 years and they are a subsidiary of Hobbico. They speicalize in models and are very heavy in miliatary models. If you are looking for a plastic model then this is the company for you. They have a special section on Amazon right here: Revell on Amazon

Railroads and Trains:

Lionel on Amazon - For over a hundred years the lionel company has been making railroad hobby supplies. They make trains, tracks, contollers and complete sets. If you are looking at model railroading as a hobby then Lionel is your company.


MicroMark - This a company that specialilzes in small tools for hobbyists. If you enjoy a hobby like dollhouses, model trains, planes, model ships, architectual models, jewelry making and well things like that. Then you probably are always on the hunt for good miniature tools. Micromark has them. They even get into the more serious hobby tools like 3d printing, table top lathes and robotics.




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