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Model Hobbies

The hobby of "Models" is broken down into two rough main areas. The first is the making of models. This typically is with plastic kits. The second is strictly collecting of models. This varies a lot but the most common model collective is the die cast car model.

I cover a wide variety of model hobbies for you here.


Models come in a wide variety of types. This gives you a really nice cross pollination in interests. For example: If you love military vehichles you can build models of them or if you are interested in rockets you can build models of them. The list is almost endless. Chances are good that if you have an interest in a particular type of thing that humans build there are also models of them. The more popular are aircraft, military vehicles, automobiles and trains.

Understanding the Scale of Models - Models are by definition a smaller rendition of something. A model of an airplane would of course be smaller than the actual airplane. So models are given a scale designation like 1/35 or 1/ 72. A quick way to understand this abbreviation is that the the model is one to think of it as a fraction. So the 1/35 model is one thirty-fifth the size of the original. And the 1/72 model is one seventy-second the size of the original.

The exception to this scale guideline is model railroading. It has a distinct denotion for scale. O, S and HO . From larger to smaller models they are: O scale is 1/48, S is 1/64, and HO is 1/87.



How to Make a Plastic Model

I love making plastic models. I have been doing it since I was a kid. It's a lot of fun and pretty inexpensive. Here I show you all the tips and techniques for doing a nice job. How to Make a Plastic Model








Military Models and Dioramas

It has been a long standing hobby for men - to build plastic models and to also build them into scenes or dioramas. I have a whole lot of great tutorials on both these aspectss. Make Military Dioramas and Models



InAir Sky Champs P-40 Warhawk -

  • Includes display stand
  • Historically accurate markings
  • Durable hard plastic construction


Model Rockets

Model rocketry is a really fun and a rather inexpensive hobby. There are two distinct aspects to it. First you get to build the rockets and then you get to fire them off. Great pairing of skills. And if you want to get more in-depth into the hobby you can learn about actual rocket science you can design your own rockets and perform your own tests. I have a whole section of my website devoted to it. The Hobby of Model Rockets


R/C Airplanes

This hobby is pretty much the same age as the airplane itself. The whole science of air flight was a hobby. Today it is still practiced and it has grown enormously. It now includes drones, helicopters and an array of amazing airplanes. You can build them from scratch or buy them complete and ready to fly. And there is a whole range in-between. You can also do partial builds to see how you like that aspect of it. They are usually models of actual aircraft. And they go to the next level by also being able to fly. I have lots of tutorials, videos and more about this hobby here: R/C Airplanes


Model of a ship in a bottle

In the city I live in there is a Marine Musuem with all kinds of amazing stuff from the past history of nautical life here in New England. And one of the most amazing things in the museum is the collection of ships in bottles. They are absolutely spectacular miniature versions of real ships. Something that is museum quality takes hundreds of hours to make. Maybe you don't want to get to be that good. But you can start out in this wonderful hobby with an inexpensive kit. Something that will teach you the fundamentals of how to get a ship in a bottle and how to get the sails up. I have a tutorial that will get you started right here: Make a ship in a bottle


How to Make a plastic model tank and a diorama for it

In this tutorial I show you how a plastic model tank is made and I also show you how to make a neat little diorama to go with it. Easy project called "Crossroads". Make a tank and diorama (includes a video)





Model Trains

This is a very popular hobby. People can be very passionate about trains. And it is an active hobby in that the miniature trains move just like the real ones do. If model trains are your hobby of choice you can collect specific trains, you can run the trains on tracks and you can build elaborate and realistic scenes for the trains to run in. A model train enthusiast will often spend many hours getting the scenery and terrain for trains to look as realistic as possible.

Lionel Polar Express Train Set - G-Gauge



More Model Trains on Amazon, including terrain, all the scales and miniature figures



Diecast Model Cars - Collecting these is a very popular hobby. The more common scales are 1/18 , 1/24, and 1/32. Just about every automobile ever made can also be found as a diecast model. Think about how amazing that collection would be! Often times the doors and hood open and the wheels spin. You can of course make plastic model cars too. Here are a few to give you an idea.

Die Cast Cars:


DieCast 1/32 scale Jeep Willys -

  • Brand new Jeep Willys 1:32 scale diecast model
  • High Quality diecast and Official Licensed product made by NewRay
  • Brand New in Display box
  • Detailed inside with steering wheel, audio controls and seats
  • Pull back and go action with Rubber tire on each wheel



DieCast 1/32 Scale Bugatti Veyron



More Die Cast Cars on Amazon.com




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