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How to Make the Altair Dagger


This is a tutorial on how to make the Assassin's Creed Altair Dagger.

This is a fun project and it is very easy to make. You can have the whole thing done in 2-3 hours depending on how much detail you want to carve into the handle. And it doesn't take much for supplies.

So, if you always wanted to make one of my projects but haven't yet this one is a great place to start.

The video tutorial is at the bottom of this page and the pdf download for this project is right here


Here is the completed Dagger that we make in this tutorial.

The Altair Dagger


Materials you will need to do this project:

  • 1 Sheet of foamboard (Not even a whole sheet)
  • The template in my packet download (optional, You could easily draw it out yourself)
  • 2 pieces of foam large enough for the grip (1/2" to 1" thick)
  • Silver and black paint
  • Some kind of adhesive, glue, elmers, spray adhesive, glue gun



Do the drawing of the daggerStart by downloading the template, cutting out the two pieces of the dagger and taping them together. Then use that to trace the pattern onto the piece of foamboard like shown in the picture. You could just trace around the outline of the dagger. That would be enough.




Trace out the handle onto foamCut the dagger shape out of the foam board. Note that if you want a stronger dagger you can make two of these and glue them together. That makes it much stronger.

Place the dagger on the piece of foam and trace out the handle part. Trace out two of them. One for each side of the dagger.





Glue the foam onto the handle

Cut out those foam handle pieces and glue them to the handle of the dagger. One on each side as shown in this picture.






Draw on the handleNow draw the pattern on the handle. This will make it easier to carve the shapes. And as you are carving the drawn lines will disappear so draw more lines to keep the good shape going. Draw lines on it often. That will help it to come out great.




Carving the handle Ok, go ahead and carve that handle! Take your time with it and enjoy the process. Some tools you can use include an xacto knife and sand paper. Something that really works well for this and gives you great detail is emory boards. Those are the sandpaper boards that you file your fingernails with. They are the size of popsicle sticks and have sandpaper on them. You can get them at any drugstore.








Use an emory board

Here is a picture of an emory board. This works great on the foam.





Okay you are just about done. Now it is time to finish it by painting it! Here is a picture and some tips to help you paint it'

To get the darker center section of the blade I cut away the top layer of paper on the foamboard. It creates that groove in the blade. Then I painted it gray. The blade itself is simply painted silver.

To get that great black and silver look on all the handle I first painted a line of black into the deep cracks. While that paint was still wet I then painted over it with silver. This draws out some of the black. Practice that. You will see what I mean. I also show you this technique in the video. Now Finish off your dagger!!!

Painting the Dagger


Elmer's Guide-Line Foam Board 20 Inches x 30 Inches, White, 2 Foam Boards per pack

I love elmers foam board, and this has light grid lines on it .




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