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How to Make the Daedric Great Sword


Here's another easy project that just needs some foam board. It's the daedric two handed great sword. Just take some foam board cut three pieces, glue it, and paint it.

You don't have to design it yourself. Just print up the template.

You can also watch the video tutorial showing how to make this sword at the bottom of this page.




Daedric Greatsword


Can you make this Daedric Greatsword? You sure can! Here is one made by Rintu. My thanks go to him for sending in the picture!

Daedric Greatsword

And here is one made by Ethan! My thanks go to him for sending in the pic. It came out great!

Daedric Greatsword



outlineFirst, start by printing out your template, cutting the pieces out and tracing it onto foam board. There will be three pieces. One main piece and two side pieces.






Daedric two handed great sword cut foam boardUse an x-acto knife in order to cut out the pieces. The best way to cut the foam board is to go over it twice. Cut around the outline half way so you have your outline cut. Then use the second pass to finish cutting through.





glue piecesNow, glue the three pieces together. Remember to line up the handle part on all three pieces.






paint bladeIt's time to paint and add detail. You're going to want to use a silver paint for the outside of the blade if it is available. You can also use a light grey color. If you don't have any light grey paint you can always just mix white and black paint until you get the right color.





 paint centerFor the center and the handle paint it straight black.








paint detailLastly, add some detail with some red paint. Put some red around the edges and down the center of the blade.






Now, you're done and you have the completed two handed Daedric great sword!




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