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Make a Hot Wire Foam Cutter - Part 2: Some things to note before building

In this part of the tutorial we look at some important points before starting the build.




Let's take a look inside the cutter to see how it is built. All of this is carefully laid out in the template showing you the exact measurements of where to put everything. First let's review some of the important points.

The various internal parts

The complete unit, including the hand held portion is composed of 10 pieces of wood. This includes the top surface plate which isn't shown in the picture.


The keyhole

An important thing to note is that one of the pieces has a keyhole cut into it. The hand held unit slides into that to lock it in place.








The slide brackets

These two guides are important. The hand held unit slides between them. Make the space between them a good slide fit for the hand held unit. It should slide smoothly but still be held snug.







The top plate

One more thing to note is the slot on the top plate. Everything on this build is centered on the center line of the unit. Everything except for this slot. Note that this slot is along the center line. It is offset a little bit.







The offset of the hot wire

The handheld unit itself is mounted directly on the centerline of the unit. But the wire is off to one side because of the nuts and washers. Just be aware of this. The assembly drawing shows you this and shows you how much to offset the slot. But, if you use different washes and nuts you will have to adjust that slot position.








NextLet's continue and start the actual building of it



a miniature house

How to make a miniature house

Fun project and it all is very suited for making dollhouses too. This is foamboard at its best! And this tutorial includes a youtube video. How to Make a miniature house.


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