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Make a Miniature House Model

In this tutorial I make a miniature version of an actual house. And I show you how to do it step-by-step. You can use these techniques to make your own miniature house , even one of the home you live in.

We use simple materials and a good portion of it is just foam board.

And at the bottom of the page I have a video you can watch on this project.

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Here is a look at the completed house.

The completed miniature hose



Note from Will: Looking to build your own miniature house or dollhouse? Need tools and materials advice? I have a page for you right here with the tools and materials I used for this project.


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Take lots of pictures

Start by Taking Pictures of the house you want to miniaturize. Lots of pictures from a lot of different angles.


Start with a foam board frame

One of the first things you have to decide is what size you want your miniature house to be. Here is the beginning of our miniature. It is about 1 1/2 feet by 2 feet.

Knowing the size of your miniature house is important so we can get the scale right and make all the pieces right.

For instance, if you want your house to be 1/10 the size of the actual house it makes it much easier to figure things out.

We are going with about 1/22 scale.


Do measurements

Now do lots of measurements on the actual house and do drawings on paper so you can figure out the size of things in the model.

Break the model down into flat planes. Figure out the size of each flat surface.


Cut the windows

And here we go. This is the first piece. It is one whole wall of the house. And it is 1/22 the size of the actual wall on the house. From here our measurements tell us where to put the windows and doors.


Measuring the house

You might think that this bay window section of the house is a challenge but we can break it down so it is quite easy. It really is just three flat surfaces that extend out from the house.


The Miniature walls

So here are those three surfaces.


Building the structure


The shapes are formed

And here we go. Those three surfaces are glued together and into the front wall to form the front of the house.

Ok, you know to build all the flat major surfaces of the house with foamboard - being very aware of the dimensions of everything.

You can do the whole house like this and it will come out great. People will really be amazed by it.

But we are going to continue on and I am going to show you how to make the detail work on the house.


NextContinue You can also watch the video below





The Big Book of a Miniature House: Create and decorate a house room by room

In her superbly presented book, Christine-Lea Frisconi explains how to make a beautiful miniature French country house.  Dressed in an elegant style of faded grandeur, the dolls' house is full of period features and exhibits plenty of vintage appeal.  Having made the dolls' house, Christine explains how to build up the wall panels to provide deep recesses, fancy panelling and wall niches to add character - ideas that can be translated to any existing dolls' house.  Instructions to make a range of French-style furniture, fittings and even flowers are included:  chairs, a folding screen, ornate light sconces, fireplaces, dressing tables, window dressing, right down to the kitchen sink! There is also a gallery of dolls' houses at the end of the book to inspire. 

A Beginner's Guide to the Dolls' House Hobby

Jean Nisbett's classic volume gets a welcome update and expansion-making it a practical, accessible introduction to all the basics, with lavish images and easy-to-follow hints that help beginners save time and avoid costly mistakes. Nisbett explains how to choose and build a house from a kit; handle a period building; furnish the interior; create charming shops; and plan a dolls' house that will enchant a child-and actually stand up to play. Equipment and materials, finishes, decoration, decorative detail, gardens and renovation all receive in-depth coverage, while checklists set out a logical order for work.


Foam Board

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