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Warhammer Miniatures


Warhammer Miniatures - You probably already know what warhammer is. But if you don't then you are missing out on something really special. It is a tabletop miniature wargame that is made by the GamesWorkshop Company. And it is set in a Science Fantasy universe. One of the great things about warhammer, aside from being a great tabletop game is that it has such a rich and wonderful array of miniatures that are used. Collecting them, painting them, and displaying them is half the fun of the whole warhammer experience. Many players take great pride in their warhammer miniatures. Here on this page I give you several different options on how to either start or expand on your collection of warhammer miniatures. There is plenty of stuff from amazon.com if you prefer to purchase from there.



Games Workshop Orc and Goblin Mini Box Set

This box set contains 4 x Snap fit Orks, ideal for a beginner to Warhammer or to expand your army. All models are to 28mm scale and will need assembly and painting.





Warhammer Miniatures and Sets at Amazon.com