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The Miniature Maze of Maddness


Here is a great tutorial that was originally posted to the Kraftmark Newsletter. My thanks go out to them for allowing me to post this tutorial to my website. This is the company that makes ProCreate which is the great 2 part epoxy that I use to sculpt miniatures and other things. If you have seen my tutorials you know I use a lot of ProCreate.


They have a line of products that are just superb for miniature making. And they include the Procreate but they also have a product called Terrain Putty which is a long worklife and light-weight putty that doesn't sag and is great for making terrain or repairing terrain. This tutorial shows you how to use several of their products to make a great looking maze for wargaming or just for dioramas. These techniques are perfect for all kinds of miniature making stuff.

(If you want to see exactly how ProCreate is used to make a miniature you can check out my series of videos on how to sculpt miniatures) The procreate section of the videos starts here.

What you Need for this tutorial:

  • You can order the Kraftmark products directly from their website here
  • Kraftmark Procreate
  • Kraftmark Terrain Putty
  • Kraftmark Fab Epoxy
  • Lots of craft Sticks (Popsicle sticks)
  • Reindeer moss or Lichen (Easily found at arts & crafts stores like Michaels or AC Moore
  • Green Acrylic Latex Paint




This month we're going to show you how to make a miniature maze using Kraftmark materials. Everything here can be ordered off our web page .

Procreate and craft sticks

We begin by gathering some craft sticks and ProCreate.

The basic frame

Next, we assemble the craft sticks into a basic frame with the help of the ProCreate putty.

coat with Fab epoxy

A good amount of Kraftmark's FabEpoxy is coated onto the frame.

Reindeer Moss looks great

Reindeer moss (obtainable from hobby stores) is then applied to the frame to create a hedge section.

The Base

For the base, simple plywood 2X2 foot board is used.

Terrain Putty applied

NextContinue on with the tutorial and let's finish off this Maze of Maddness





Procreate Putty 2.5 Oz. - It is also available on amazon.com


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