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Sculpting Miniatures Store


This store goes hand in hand with my tutorial on sculpting your own fantasy miniatures. In this store you will find all the supplies you need to make miniatures like the ones I make in my web and video tutorials. If you came to this page directly you can find the sculpting miniatures web tutorial with videos here. If you want to just check out the videos you can see them on my youtube playlist channel here.


Sculpting Materials:


Cernit Modelling Clay - Easy to sculpt and stays soft until you bake it. Good for beginners. This product is the standard for people that make china dolls. It bakes to a very refined surface. When it comes to modelling clays you get a lot for the price. But, I wouldn't recommend this when you get to making the really small and very detailed miniatures. For that you should use one of the two part puttys like ProCreate or GreenStuff (Kneadatite).


Super Sculpey Firm

Super Sculpey FIRM Gray- One Pound This is an excellent product that you can use to make terrific miniatures. It is easy to work with and holds its shape well. This isn't the final product I use in my tutorial. It is a great product to practice with and still get great detail.


Play Doh

Play-Doh Case of Colors- As funny as it might seem this is a great product for getting started with sculpting. It is non toxic, easy to work with and inexpensive. I use this for making rough models and miniatures. Of course you can't get a whole lot of detail out of it but it will build your skills in visualizing three dimensional sculptures.


Product Used: I used a sculpting putty called ProCreate.


Procreate Putty 2.5 Oz.

This is one of the best two part puttys that you can use to make extremely fine detail miniatures. You mix amounts of the two parts together and then you have a certain amount of working time. (About 2 hours)This working time is one reason why you should practice on other clays first.


Green Stuff

Green Stuff (6in Strip) RPR 75006 Modelling putty. This stuff is excellent and I use it in many of my tutorials.


Miniature Painting Tools and Sets

Reaper miniatures learn to paint kit for beginners

Reaper Learn to Paint Kit - Beginning Level Armor and Fur

  • Great instructional manual to learn to paint miniatures
  • Two miniatures included to start with
  • Includes 10 Reaper paint colors!
  • Includes brush - everything to get started!



Sculpting tools




22 gauge Copper Wire at Amazon

Tarnish Resistant Bright Copper Wire 22 Gauge 20 Yards (18.2 Meters)

Sculpting tools

Professional - Hobbyist Essential Set: 12 Stainless Steel Picks

  • Quality set of precision double-ended stainless steel picks
  • 12 picks gives you 24 unique tools for removing O-rings, cleaning, carving, gluing
  • Includes spoons, paddles, spades, knives, straight & curved picks, duckbill
  • Machine-knurled grips for no-slip hold; average 6-1/2" length
  • This set will become one of your most-used, most-useful tools; clear-view pouch.


Sculpting files

10 PIECE MEDIUM SIZE DIAMOND FILEShis medium size assortment of diamond files will round out your sets and give you greater versatility. Perfect for lapidary use - jewelers - metalsmithing - and more. Points include: chisel - sabre - point - triangular point - flat point - taper - chisel taper - round - half round - ultra-sharp tip. Plastic handles allow for easy gripping. A great addition to item FD240P (10 PIECE MINI DIAMOND FILE SET) or item FD335P (ALL PURPOSE DIAMOND FILE SET. Package Dimension: 4.75'' X 6.75''



Jewelers Loupe

10X & 20X Dual Buterfly Jewelers Loupe/Magnifier


Magnifying Glass


5x Magnifying Glass Coin Stamp Magnifier Optical Tool


Lighted Headband Magnifier

Lighted Headband Magnifier

  • This type of magnifier has been used for years by jewelers and hobbyists so they could get a closer look at stamps, coins or delicate clasps. The Lighted Headband Magnifier offers up to 4.8X magnification without tying up your hands. The magnifying lenses are located in a visor-style brim that easily flips up when you don't need the magnification.
  • Two main lenses offer a wide area of magnification that makes it easier to read. Slip the visor on your head, even over prescription glasses, to bring tiny details into clear focus. You'll be able see to tighten the screws on your glasses and both hands will be free to fix a broken link in a necklace!
  • Although it is perfect for hobbyists, people with low vision will also appreciate the ability to read without having to slide or hold a magnifier over the reading material. It's true that the Headband Magnifier looks a little clunky, but it really does the job!

magnifier and holder

Helping Hands w/ Magnifying Glass


2-in-1 Spring-Arm Fluorescent Magnifier Desk Lamp - Large 7" x 5.2" Lens - 5 Diopter Magnification Excellent for close examination of documents, stamps, coins or collectibles or as reading aid for anyone with limited vision. Twin 9-watt U-type fluorescent bulbs provide excellent task lighting with less heat (less-than 100 degrees vs. 350+ for incandescent bulbs) while reducing shadows and glare - while using less energy! Weighted platform keeps lamp from tipping when extended. 5-diopter lens (2.25x) has focal range of 7-9". Lamp platform 12" x 8", 20 lbs. Matte White enamel finish. Also available in 3-diopter. One-year warranty. (This is what I use)


Babes, Beasts, and Brawn: Sculpture of the Fantastic

Babes, Beasts, and Brawn: Sculpture of the Fantastic is a definitive look into the creation of these powerhouse playthings, with hundreds of stunning color photographs and fascinating insights into Kiwus' creative process. Beyond the building of plastic toys, Kiwus has created some of the most stunning and in-demand limited-edition cast sculptures of comics and fantasy figures of all stripes, including three-dimensional representations of the paintings of Frank Frazetta and miniature renditions of the Queen of Pin-Ups, Bettie Page. Also included is an in-depth how-to section, where Kiwus chronicles his process step-by-step to aid aspiring professionals.


Sculpting Fairies Gnomes & Trolls

Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls: Create a Fantasy World in Polymer Clay


Clay fantasy characters book

Creating Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters: Step-by-Step Trolls, Wizards, Dragons, Knights, Skeletons, Santa, and More!


The CF Sculpture Series, Book 1

Dragons (Beyond Projects: The CF Sculpture Series, Book 1)