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North Star Miniatures and Models

Northstar models makes a whole lot of amazing military models, figures and accessories. But they also cover a wide variety of other themes and areas including fantasy. Here is a selection of some of their fantasy offerings.



Beneath the Pyramid Mini Diorama - Ancient Egyptian Girl vs Mummy

This mini diorama inspired by Alexey Lipatov 's art - Ancient Egypt Girl vs Mummy ambush.
Casted from high quality resin this set consist two figures and and parts for columns of Egyptian pyramid.
Please note - that the height of figures is 51mm - some smaller that normally 54mm.
Ancient Egyptians have a really smaller height than current people (by our standards) - they are was near a 150-160 cm tall.
This kit is not painted and assembled - just resin details for work
Test fit & painting the example of figures - Emil Grupchev, Varna, Bulgaria


40mm Vikings metal miniatures NorthStarModels -

This is a set of 4 metal figures - characters of  Vikings TV show .



  • Ragnar Lodbrok
  • Rollo
  • Floki
  • Lagertha Shieldmaiden

These figures casted in white metal in the 40mm size (one of the classical size for miniatures), the real height of figures could be various between 38-40mm
These metal figures are not painted.
It would be a nice gift for any medieval & fantasy lover.