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A look at the Types of Clays and Materials that are used in Sculpting Miniatures


When it comes to sculpting your own miniatures there are a whole variety of materials you can use. While this variety gives you a lot of different choices it can also make things a bit difficult. Should you use clay? Should you use a polymer? Or should you use some kind of 2 part epoxy resin? Should you get something that you have to bake? Or do you want to stay away from baking? I will show you these different types of sculpting materials and explain them to you. I will give you the pros and cons of them and help you make a good decision as to which is right for you based on your project, your needs and your budget.


Here are some suggestion on what type of sculpting clay to get based on the size of the miniatures you want to make:

  • Tiny miniatures with fine detail - say around 1 inch in height - Definitely get Procreate, it's the best
  • Tiny miniatures in the 1-2 inch range with good detail and less expensive - Get Green Stuff
  • Mid sized miniatures 3-4 inches in height - Super Sculpey firm
  • Larger miniatures - around 5-6 inches - Super Sculpey Regular




Miniature Accessories: ProCreate (Professional Sculptors Putty) This is an outstanding 2 part epoxy that is perfect for exceptionally fine detail of small miniatures. If you are making minis in the 25mm range this is the product for you. Has about a 2 hour working time before auto hardening. This workable time can be adjusted a bit. It has good consistency and doesn't stick to your tools much. This is my favorite. I have an extensive tutorial where I use this putty. If you want to learn more about this putty I have a page with tips, hints, pictures and more

Here is an example of a sculpture I have done using Procreate (1 inch in height):

A miniature figure

Super Sculpey Firm

Super Sculpey Firm

Super Sculpey FIRM Gray- One Pound - Inexpensive and easy to work with. You can get a lot of practice with this and make some nice miniatures. But it isn't fine enough for real small minis in the 25-28 mm range. And to cure this you bake it in an oven. Nice product. A pound goes a long way. Stays soft forever so need to worry about shelf life. I have more information about this product including tips, hints, pros and cons here. About Super Sculpey Firm


Here is an example of a miniature I have sculpted using Super Sculpey Firm (This miniature stands about 3 inches tall)

A sculpted miniature


Games Workshop Green Stuff

Green Stuff

Games Workshop Green Stuff Modelling PuttyThis is an effective two part epoxy that you mix together and then sculpt. It doesn't have to be baked, it will harden over a period of time. It is about the same as ProCreate but in my opinion in not quite as good. It tends to be a bit stickier and not quite as good to work with. But this is a great way to inexpensively get started making your own miniatures for dioramas or wargaming. Comes in a 20 gram package.


Here is an example of a miniature I have sculpted using green stuff. This is Jack and it stands about 2 inches in height.


Jack on the beanstalk



Super Sculpey

Super Sculpey Polymer Clay - Semi-Transparent Beige-Pink - 1lb.

Nice clay that you harden in the oven or with a hair dryer. Good price and you get a whole pound of it. So it is perfect for practicing or learning how to sculpture. Not suitable for the smallest minis but great for larger ones.


Here is a picture of a miniature I sculpted using Super Sculpey (This Giant stands six inches tall)

A sculpted miniature giant



Apoxie Sculpt


Apoxie® Sculpt is used around the world by sculptors, restorers, miniaturists, hobbyists, crafters, repair persons, and students. It is used in museums, schools, motion picture studios, aquariums, and theme parks. Apoxie® Sculpt, is a self-hardening synthetic clay that combines the features and benefits of clay with those of epoxies.


  • Self-hardening, 2 part product (A & B) must be mixed thoroughly. Putty like feel.
  • Open working time about 2-3 hours. Cures hard overnight (24 hour full cure).
  • 0% shrinkage.
  • Strongly adheres to almost any clean surface . . . including ceramic, fiberglass, foam, glass, metal, plastics, resin, stone, wood, and more.
  • User friendly clay. Non-flammable, non-hazardous. No solvents or fumes. Conforms to ASTM D.4236.

Sculpey Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay - SCULPEY-Polymer Clay Multi Packs are soft and pliable works and feels like ceramic clay but will not dry out when exposed to air. Just shape bake and cool. Sculpey can be sanded drilled carved and painted with water based acrylics. Each package contains 2 ounces each of assorted color clay. For ages 8 and up. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.