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Super Sculpey Firm


Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey firm are two products in a line of polymer clays. These clays have some unique properties in that they stay soft and pliable while still holding a good shape so you can sculpt them. Yet, they will not harden or crumble over time. So, you have plenty of time to work on your miniature sculptures. But when you are ready for the finished product you place it in an oven and bake it. This hardens it. These products are really nice for sculpting because they give you a lot of freedom.


But, it is not a product that is suitable for very small miniatures or very detailed ones. If you want to make miniatures that are in the 25mm scale size this product is a bit too rough. But you can do a lot of great sculpting with this product and it is very reasonably priced so it is very cost effective, especially if you are just learning how to sculpt miniatures.

Super Sculpey comes in 1 lb, 8lb and 24lb packages. And it is a pinkish/beige color. This is a standard sculpting clay that many professionals use. But if you want more detail and smaller work you should use Super Sculpey Firm. It comes in a 1 lb box. I have a tutorial where I make a 3" tall Barbarian Warrior with this product. The sculpting tutorial


Super Sculpey Firm

Super Sculpey FIRM Gray- One Pound - Inexpensive and easy to work with. You can get a lot of practice with this and make some nice miniatures. But it isn't fine enough for real small minis in the 25-28 mm range. And to cure this you bake it in an oven. Nice product. A pound goes a long way. Stays soft forever so need to worry about shelf life.


a three inch miniature

The picture here at left shows a three inch tall miniature I created using Super Sculpey firm. You can see that there is a reasoable amount of detail at this scale.


Some Notes and Thoughts on Super Sculpey Firm

  • It is very reasonably priced and 1 pound goes a long way. And it stores indefinitely so there is very little worry about it going bad.
  • It takes detail reasonably well so you can use it to make larger miniatures with some detail.
  • It stays workable indefintely so you can stretch out the timeline of a project and work on it over time
  • Once ready and complete you can harden it by baking it in an oven. This requires a little bit of calculation because the thicker your piece the longer you should bake it. It comes with complete instructions on how to bake.
  • It takes tooling extremely well with very little sticking to your hands or tools
  • I highly recommend this product if you are looking to learn how to sculpt miniatures but want to keep your budget tight. You can sculpt something, ball it back up, and start over again many many times.
  • Summary - Moderately priced, medium detail, good for larger miniatures and great for practicing and developing your skills. Stays workable indefintely. One pound goes a very long way.