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Games Workshop Green Stuff


Green Stuff is a two part modeling epoxy that you mix together then sculpt. It is the name for the Games Workshop version of Kneadatite. This is a common type of process for making small and very detailed miniatures. The Name Green Stuff is the name of the product that is supplied by the Games Workshop. It is composed of two products: A base and a curing agent and it comes in the shape of a ribbon. The ribbon is half yellowish and half blue. You break off a piece then knead it together and you get the workable green product that you can sculpt. (This mixed green result gives it the name "Green Stuff". Over a period of about ninety minutes it will harden. You can alter the rate of curing by changing the mixture. More blue will cause it to harden faster and more yellow will slow it down.



Green Stuff This is an effective two part epoxy that you mix together and then sculpt. It doesn't have to be baked, it will harden over a period of time. It is about the same as ProCreate but in my opinion in not quite as good. It tends to be a bit stickier and not quite as good to work with. But this is a great way to inexpensively get started making your own miniatures for dioramas or wargaming. Comes in a 20 gram package.