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How to Sculpt Fantasy Miniatures part 11


In this part of the tutorial we get really serious about sculpting a fantasy miniature. We do a 1" mini (A Woman Warrior). This takes some practice and some skill; and a magnifying glass! The product I use to make this is ProCreate (Professional Sculptors Putty) and it is available on Amazon.com. You can hover over the link to check the price.


One Important note before beginning: Professional modelers epoxy like ProCreate hardens in a set period of time. You only have so long to work with it so you should always get everything prepared before you start. The curing time for ProCreate is 2 hours.

Here is the Video Tutorial for this Sculpting Miniatures lesson



A One Inch Wire Armature

In this lesson I show you several things including what tools you need to make a miniature of this size and how to make the armature for the miniature.


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