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How to Make Stilts

This is a tutorial showing you how to easily, quickly and cheaply make a pair of stilts! And they are adjustable so you can make them to any height you desire.

I recommend you start out at six inches off the ground because it takes practice to learn how to use them!

I also have a video tutorial at the bottom of the page.

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How to Make stilts

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Tools, Equipment and Material

  • 3 lengths of 2x3 pine wood (eight feet in length)
  • Four Bolts that are 5/16 in size and 6 inches long
  • 8 - 5/16 flat washers
  • 4 - 5/16 locking washers
  • 4 - 5/16 nuts
  • Tools: Wood saw, two wrenches to tighten bolts , Drill and 3/8" drill bit
  • 3 sheets of foam board for the inner sword


Inspect the edges of the wood

Before Beginning

When purchasing the wood 2x3's and befoer building you should inspect the wood. Try to get nice straight pieces and look for cracks particularly in the ends of the wood. This one has a crack so we will not use this end as the bottom of the stilt. It may crack. We will turn this piece around so the crack is at the top and it won't cause any trouble.





A look at the stilts

How the stilts are made

It is really quite a simple setup and you can make them in an hour.

We cut four pieces of wood as the steps for our feet. We drill holes in them and bolt them to the long pieces of wood. Simple as that.

And... I made mine so I stand one foot high. But you can make your stilts to any height you prefer.

I recommend you start at six inches in height so you can more easily learn how to use them. They take practice!!



Let's Begin

Measure out parts

Take one of the 2x3's and measure off four pieces that are each six inches long. Cut them off the piece.






Mark for holes

Mark all four of those pieces like this. Along a center line put a mark 1 1/2 inches from each end. That makes the marks 3 inches apart.







Drill the holes

Then drill all four of them out on those marks. You end up drilling eight holes.


NextOk, we are half done - Continue





Watch the Video Here:



Walkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts with Height Adjustable Vert Lifters by Air Kicks, Assorted Colors (Red or Green)





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