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How to Make the Skyrim Yngol Helmet


This is a tutorial on how to make the Yngol helmet from the video game Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V)

I show you the whole process from start to finish and it is actually a pretty easy project. For the most part you need just paper mache materials and a few cereal boxes.

There is also a video tutorial at the bottom of this page.

The front facepiece can be a little tricky so I have a pdf you can download and print out. It's two pages. You print it, cut out the two halves and tape them together: Yngol Helmet Template


Here is a picture of the completed helmet that we make in this tutorial.

The skyrim Yngol Helmet


Yngol helmet

Can you make this helmet? You sure can!! This is one made by Adam. He did a great job and I really like the gold rivets. My thanks go to him for sharing this picture with us.


The cardboard frame

The base structure of this helmet is just strips of cereal box cardboard. You staple it all together to make the helmet shape.

The video at the bottom of this page will show you a bit more about this but it is not difficult. The basic helmet structure shown here is four pieces of cardboard.

The first piece is the circle at the bottom. Then you attach the peak piece that goes from side to side. Then attach the second ring to that. Finally is the face piece in the front. Make two of those face pieces. You will need another one later.


Start the cardboard frame

This side view gives you another look at how to make the helmet frame.

I use a stapler to keep this all together nice and tight. And be sure to try the helmet on! And remember that the stapes can scratch your face or head so be sure to cover them up with duct tape.


finishing the cardboard frame of the helmet

Now I have added a few more strips of cardboard to complete the structure. This will make it very easy to paper mache and it will hold its shape very well.

One thing to note here is that the finished helmet has a ridge going down the center form the bridge of the nose all the way over the top of the helmet. See how I have cut a strip of cardboard to achieve this affect? It is like a spinal column. The video shows you more if you need it.


Mix the paper mache

Okay! Lets mix up the paper mache. First cover the helmet with aluminum foil. This will help it to keep its shape.

Mix 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of Salt in a bowl. This is the paper mache mix and you may need to do another batch.


Apply the Paper Mache

Cut yourself lots of strips of paper towels. These strips are around two inches wide. Dip them in the paper mache mix and apply them to the whole helmet.

Overlap the strips a lot. This will make the helmet nice and strong.

Quick note about the paper towels. There are good ones and not so good ones! If you find that your paper towels keep ripping and are difficult to apply you will probably need to get better paper towels! Bounty makes some nice durable ones.

And, after you dip the paper towel in the paper mache mix you should squeeze off the excess by doing a scissor motion with your fingers.


Use a fan to speed the drying

Okay, the first layer of paper mache is done. See how mine is to do yours. The ridge along the center line is a big deal! Try to get that to look good. And don't worry about being messy with the eyeholes. After it is dry you can always trim them to shape with scissors or a knife.

Put a fan on it and it will dry in a couple of hours or less.


NextLet's continue on with this tutorial and finish off the Yngol Helmet!



Video is between the horizontal lines

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