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Make the Steel Greatsword from Skyrim

Thanks for coming over from Youtube. I am working on this tutorial right now!

But the template is ready. You can download it here.

I also have a video tutorial for this project at the bottom of the page.

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The skyrim steel greatsword


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The sword measures 47 inches in length which is one inch short of four feet. So it is a big sword and we assemble it in a way that makes it very strong. This is a fun project that takes a bit of time but is worth it. It comes out great.

And I show you two useful techniques in this tutorial. First I show you how to make a sword larger than a sheet of foam board by gluing stacks together. Second I show you a technique called dry-brushing to make the sword look like steel.

Hot glue it   Dry brushing example


Materials Needed:

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Interesting thing about Great Swords:

The grip

They are very long and have a long reach. That is the point. And this is how you would hold one.

But..... If the fighting gets to close to your body, or your opponent is too close he can get inside your swing, rendering the greatsword ineffective.

And this is why we have the Ricasso, which is that upper area that is also wrapped in leather.




Grip on the ricasso

Now you can grab that upper area with a hand and you have more control of the sword. You can use it for the close in fighting. In effect this shortens the swing of the sword. Think of it kind of like choking up on a baseball bat.

NextOkay! Let's build this sword (continue)

You can also watch the video tutorial below





Watch the video tutorial here:


12" x 10 ft Roll of Matte Oracal 631 Brown Repositionable Adhesive-Backed Vinyl for Craft Cutters, Punches and Vinyl Sign Cutters by VinylXSticker



Elmer's 900802 Foam Board, White Surface with White Core, 20 x30 (Pack of 10)






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