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How to Make a Cardboard Dollhouse (with pictures)

This is a terrific project that is very economical. Dollhouses are expensive but cardboard is cheap!

I show you exactly what cardboard to get and where (Walmart) if you prefer to buy it. But it can often be had for free. Which will keep the cost of this project way down.

And I give you all the designs and measurements making it very easy for you to make this tudor style dollhouse.


The free blueprints (template) for this project are right here in a pdf.

This project includes a video tutorial you can watch at the bottom of the page.

If you are building a dollhouse out of cardboard and are just looking for tips on how to make it strong I have written a tutorial for it right here: How to make a cardboard dollhouse strong.






Materials Needed for this project:


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Will's Tip on Cutting Foam board: Don't try to cut all the way through it in one swipe. Use a really sharp blade and make three passes. the first pass just cuts the top layer of paper. Second pass cuts the foam and the third pass cuts through the bottom layer of foam.



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A bit about this project

Dollhouses are expensive. This is a great and inexpensive alternative to buying one. We build it with double layers of cardboard which makes it strong and durable. And, it is to the most popular scale of dollhouses 1 to 12 (1:12). So, if you want to buy furniture and accessories they will fit accurately and look good in this dollhouse.

The size of this dollhouse is generous. It is 24 inches wide, 16 inches deep and 20 inches tall. There is plenty of space inside for rooms and furniture.

Some cardboard tips that are very helpful when making this project; or any other cardboard project.

Take a look at these two pieces of cardboard.

See how they have corrugations inside? This is what makes cardboard so strong. But the major strength is in the direction of the corrugations. We make our dollhouse extra strong by using a spray adhesive to glue together two sheets of cardboard. And we do it with the corrugations running perpendicular. In one layer the corrugations are north to south. And in the second layer the corrugations are east to west. This gives us superb strength and a durable dollhouse.

Cutting Cardboard: I use an x-acto knife. It works really well for this. But you have to have lots of blades. And change the blade often. It will make a big difference in how easy the project goes and in how good it eventually looks.

I have used all the knives and all the various blades. These authentic xacto #11 blades are the best. They are worth spending a little bit more on. 100 xacto blades (amazon link)

Cutting large straight lines - Use a metal straightedge if possible. This will give you very neat cuts and clean edges. If you use a wooden or plastic straight edge you run the risk of the knife cutting into it and getting snagged.

Like closing a book - When adhering two large pieces of cardboard together to make a double layer you should apply spray adhesive to one of them then place an edge of each side by side then close them together like you were closing a book. Trying to place one piece directly onto the other can be tricky. If you place it off just a little bit it is difficult to un-attach and re-seat them.

Like closing a book


NextOkay! All the introductory stuff is done. Let's make this dollhouse! (You can also watch the video tutorial below without leaving this webpage)


Want to see a hundred year old doll house? I have a larger picture of this one on my website right here. Dollhouses were very serious business in the 19th century.






X-acto designer series knife #1 blade (This is Will's favorite X-acto knife) I love this xacto knife for a couple of reasons. First off it feels really good in the hand. It has some width and shape to it rather than the typical thin pencil like shape of most handles. Secondly the blade is tightened by the back end of the handle. It's all very comfortable to use and to change blades.

I have used all the knives and all the various blades. These authentic xacto #11 blades are the best. They are worth spending a little bit more on. 100 xacto blades


Elmer's Spray Adhesive - 10oz, extra strength