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How to Make a Lord of the Rings Helmet out of Sheet Metal

This is an amazing tutorial submitted to my website by a web visitor (Simon). He created both the helmet and the tutorial.

My thanks go to him for this terrific tutorial. It was, no doubt, a lot of work!!

Want to see more of his work? You can follow Simon on instagram:

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Copyright: All the images and text in this tutorial are copyright ©Simon Lagerlöf Petéus - And may not be reproduced or copied without his express written consent. Contact him through instagram for inquiries.



This is a build log where I make a DIY LOTR-inspired helmet out of sheet metal. It is a craft project. I do not think it will be very difficult to make. And you will find it easy or difficult depending on your skill level and what kind of work you are comfortable with. In this tutorial I make it out of sheet metal but you can also make it out of plastic or cardboard. These will work just fine.

The first I will focus on is the "dome-shaped" part of the helmet. To make it as easy as possible, I use a metal bowl measuring 20 cm (about 7 3/4 inches) in diameter. If you do this so make sure your bowl fits on your head and you should be fine. The next step will be to draw a template. I made my skin by drawing out the different pieces of paper, transfer them to the cardboard and tape them to the dish, which is a prototype.

I drew my desired design on paper, so I picked the side I thought looked best, folded over it in half, as you can see below. In this way it is possible to make the model symmetrical.

From here, it is quite easy to add decorations and remove things you don't like.

I'm going on a design that is quite easy to attach to the bowl, but you can make it as difficult / easy as you want. As you look at the pictures before the helmet is mostly inspired by Elendil's and the Númenorian helmets, but I wanted to try to make it look more like an Elvish helmet from the First Age, if That makes any sense. As one might Find on or Maedhros would have used.


Then I laid the pieces out on paper. Then it's possible easily draw around the cardboard and cut out the pieces, which you can see below.



Now I will fold them in half and select the page I think looks the best. This will be the template I use.


Okay! Let's get started on the metal work -Continue