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Make a Skyrim Sweetroll


This is a fun little project and a must have for any fan of skyrim. It is quick and easy; you can have it done in an hour. The only real negative about this is that you can't eat it!

I have lots of Skyrim projects right here

I also have a video tutorial showing you how to make this project. It is at the bottom of the page.




Will with an arrow to the knee


Okay! You know I have a lot of fun with the skyrim stuff. And Recently I took an arrow to the knee! But it doesn't stop me from having good old skyrim fun.

This tutorial is how to make a sweetroll which is quite an internet meme sensation. I also have the tutorial on how to make an arrow to the knee right here.

Oh and I have all the skyrim projects right here for you.












Can you make this sweetoll project? You sure can! Here is one made by web visitor Craig. It came out fantastic and he carved it to have bites taken out of it!! My thanks go to him for sharing the picture with us.







And here is a sweetroll made by Caton! Wow! It looks delicious. My thanks go to Caton for making the project and sending in the pic!










Form a cube

Make a cube of foam. You can do this by cutting squares of foam then gluing them together to form a cube.

Just about any kind of foam will do. But the styrofoam with the pebbles in it will be a bit of a challenge because it typically cuts awfully bumpy.






Cut the shape

Now use some tools to cut the shape. I used this saw. But just about any kind of cutting tool will do. Make it kind of like the shape of a volcano and put the hole in the top.








Mark the icing

Now use a marker or pen to draw the icing all the way around the cake. Picture it as icing that has been poured right on it.








Cut the icing

Now use a sharp knife to cut away under the icing. You leave the icing intact. You cut away the section of sponge cake under it, all the way around.








The sponge cake look

If you have a rasping file you can rasp at the sponge cake section of the sweetroll. Make it like spongecake. It has a bit of texture to it.

This picture also shows you how the icing looks.







Sand the icing smooth

The icing, however, is very smooth. It isn't textured like the sponge cake. You should sand the icing nice and smooth.

Ok, Let's paint this up.







paint the icing white

It's a little bit easier if you paint the icing first. Paint it a nice bright white.








Paint the sponge cake

Now paint the sponge cake a golden color kind of like a twinkie.

I did this by mixing yellow with a little bit of brown.






dabble on brown Now to finish it off you dabble on a little bit of brown. This is kind of like dry brushing. It gives the sweetroll a good toasted look.







That's It ! Your Sweet Roll is done!

A Sweet roll



The Video Tutorial:



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