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Make the DawnGuard Rune shield from Skyrim


This is a tutorial on how to make the Dawnguard Rune Shield from Skyrim. All you need is two pieces of foamboard or cardboard, the template, some paint and something for the handles in the back.

I even give you the template.

You can also watch the video tutorial located at the bottom of this page.

The template is right here




Materials Needed for this project:

  • Two big pieces of foamboard or cardboard ( if possible at least 22 inches in length) Typical foamboard is 22x28 so you should be ok!
  • a pin, string, pencil, xacto or hobby knife, cereal boxes
  • template
  • Ruler, glue, paint, scotch tape glue gun rope and duct tape


Let's Get started!

Draw a circle

Use the pin, the string and a pencil or pen to scribe out a circle that is 22 inches in diameter. That is 11 inches from the pin to the pencil.

The pin is in the center of the foamboard (left hand in pic). The string extends from it to the pencil (right hand). Draw the circle!


Cut out the circle

Go ahead and cut that circle out. Look at that. You practically have a shield already!


Cut out the template pieces

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. There are twelve pieces.


The assembled template

Here is a look at the assembled template. Make yours just like this. There is also a drawing on the last page of the template packet that shows you how each of the pieces goes. Lay this template on foamboard or cardboard and trace it.


This picture shows tracing around all the inner and edges of the template onto the foamboard. You are transferring the whole pattern to the foam board. But... there is another technique that we also do here. We are also hard pressing the dashed lines on the template onto the foamboard. The next picture shows you more about this.


There are dashed lines on your template. Use a ball point pen to go over these lines pressing pretty hard while you do it. This indents the foamboard nicely. These transferred dashed lines won't be cut. We just want the nice indents in the foamboard. It adds detail and texture to the shield.


NextOkay, lets continue with the making of this shield


The video tutorial is here:



Make the Iron shield from Skyrim

Fun project with just a few basic supplies like a sheet of foam and a sheet of cardboard. I give you the template which makes it very easy for you to make. Make the Iron Shield from Skyrim.










Make a Skyrim
Arrow to the Knee!

I just couldn't resist this one. Lot of fun and easy to make. It is one of the most popular memes to come out of skyrim. Don't worry, I will keep working on the website even though I took an arrow to the knee.

Make an arrow to the knee


Elmer's Acid-Free Foam Boards, 20 x 30 Inches, 3/16-Inch Thick, 2 Boards per Pack, Bright White (902015)



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