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Fantasy Swords

Nothing feels quite like holding a well made sword in your hands. It is something that somehow harkens back to a memory of times gone past. With the popularity of the Lord of the Rings movies swords have crossed back over into the psyche of the common man. And they still hold a sense of awe and power about them. True that we don't need them anymore to defend ourselves in life or death situations but the appeal and the charismatic power of swords remains strong.

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Newest Article: The History of some famous Movie swords from Conan to 300 - Read about the movies and the swords.

New: Drizzt Do'Urden Swords - These are the scimitars of the the Forgotten Realms Character Drizzt

New: The Conan Sword - All the information you wanted to know about the Conan Sword

Lord of the ring

Lord of the Rings Swords
Sting, Glamdring, Anduril and more. Browse through our LOTR swords When you are talking swords you have to consider the Lord of the Rings swords. We have a full selection of them in all different sizes and in all different formats including wall mounted.

Want to learn more about the Lord of the Ring Swords? I have a full page with a descriptions and explanations of all the major swords in the movies. About the Lord of the Rings Swords

Fantasy Swords

Final Fantasy Swords
Get the replica of the Cloud sword (shown). We also have the Gun blade and others. Browse the Final Fantasy Swords section. The Cloud sword isn't as large as the one in the video game because it would be too heavy to even hold but the one we have is a full 40 inches in length and comes with a scabbard.

Kill Bill Swords

Kill Bill Swords
Browse through our selection of Kill Bill swords and accessories.


Fantasy Sword

Fantasy Swords
Browse our selection of Fantasy swords


Dragon Sword

Dragon Swords
Including the Dragonslayer sword, The Dark Dragon Sword, The Dragon Lord's Longsword (shown) and Dragon Sword accessories. Browse through the selection of Dragon swords and accessories


Cheap swords

Cheap Swords
Looking for an inexpensive way to get started? Don't have a lot of cash to spare. We have a great selection of steel and wooden swords at unbeatable prices. You can get into sword collecting on a budget.

Wooden Swords

Wooden Swords
Great for practice. Check out our collection


How to Make a sword - Overview There are many different ways that swords are made but here is an overview of the steps for the most common sword making process.

A Short History of Swords - Swords have changed with the abilities of man to forge and work metals. The first swords are generally considered to have appeared around 2,000 BC during the Bronze age.

Medieval Weapons - Information and pictures of the common medieval weapons like the sword, warhammer, flail and more.

The Sword Makes the Man - We all know that this isn't true but read about the types of swords and how they display and reflect the wielders personality whether good or evil.

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