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Miniature Himeji Castle - Metal Earth Kit


This is a tutorial and overview of a neat little kit made by the company Metal Earth. It is a miniature model of Himeji Castle in Japan. Fun little project.

I never made a metal miniature like this before and it was a bit of a new but fun experience for me.

At the bottom of the page you can see where you can buy one of these kits and you can also watch the video of making this.






Here is the kit that I purchased. It cost me fourteen dollars. It comes with three metal sheets with all the parts and the instructions on how to put it together.


Contents of the kit

Here is what's inside.



Here are some suggested tools. Including some small cutters and pliers, tweezers, an x-acto knife, a magnifying glass and a ruler. The ruler is to help you make nice straight folds in the metal pieces.



I also used a magnifying lamp. Really came in handy for me. This is a small model and this hands free magnifer with light made a big difference.


Cutting the metal sprue

The process is easy. Cut out a piece and assemble it to another piece. No glue or adhesive is required.


Assembly of parts

The pieces assemble with tabs and slots. The tabs of one piece go into the slots of another piece. You then either bend over the tabs or twist them. It holds nice and tight.


An assembled part

And you create various buildings and sub assemblies.


Sub Segments

And you put these various parts together with the same tab and slot system.


The completed castle

Once the castle was completed I made a little diorama scene for it. This was pretty simple. I cut a piece of foam board, brushed glue on it then sprinkled on terrain texture, added some bushes and scraped out a page. That's it! The miniature Himeji Castle is done.


Watch the Video Here


I also have a video of me at the actual castle in Japan



Make a Metal Earth Taj Mahal

Here is a wonderful little kit that you build. It is made out of metal parts and it is the Taj Mahal. We added a diorama scene to it and copied a picture of Will visiting the Taj. Learn how to make this kit right here: Make a Metal Earth Taj Mahal





Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model - Himeji Castle

Is also known as the White Heron Castle because of the way that its soaring white stucco walls resemble a graceful heron taking flight. The original fortress was built in 1346 and the castle in its current form was completed 1610. The castle is full of defensive features however it has never been attacked in its 400 year history. In 1993 it was designated a World Heritage Site.





1/500 Himeji Castle (Plastic model) Doyusha S21

This is the same kit that I bought while in Japan. You can see it in the video.



Himeji Castle: Japan's Samurai Past (Castles, Palaces & Tombs)

Chronicles the history of the fourteenth-century fortress known also as White Crane Castle, including the era of shoguns, warlords, and ninjas.





WoodyJOE "Himeji Castle" Model Kit (1:150 Scale)


  • Himeji Castle, also called Shirasagijo (White Heron Castle) due to its white outer walls, is the best preserved castle in all of Japan
  • Made from natural wood, all parts of the Himeji Castle kit are precisely pre-cut with laser or hand carved by a skilled craftsman
  • All assembling instructions are translated into English; Easy-to-follow instruction with clear pictures and detailed drawings
  • For stone wall, using prized Manchurian Ash and its natural texture gave more value to the kit
  • Beautiful wooden structure model kit with elaborate finish


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