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Medieval Projects

If you are a frequent visitor to my website you know I love all things Medieval! Well, I have put together a page here of some of my favorite medieval projects of all types! Have fun and if you make one of these projects be sure to email me a picture!


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If you make this project email me a picture! I will email you a certificate of completion from stormthecastle.com You can print it up and hang it on the wall.

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Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you make one of these projects!! Would you consider a donation of $1 to support my work? Paypal makes it very easy and safe. Click here to donate $1 - Every little bit helps Will to keep making great tutorials and free templates. Thanks!


a Real Sword

How to Make a Real Sword - I take you through the whole process of making a sword. And this one is a good sized sword! Really beefy and feels good in the hands. How to Make a sword



ChainmailHow to Make Chainmail: This is a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to make chain mail. I show you which wire to use, how to create the rings and how to weave the actual mail. How to make chainmail. I will also be doing a tutorial on how to make a piece of chainmail armor.



Medieval Paint How to Make Medieval Paint

You use egg yolk to make something called egg tempera. Its how DaVinci did it! How to Make Medieval Egg Tempera Paint




New: Make a castle out of a cardboard box

One box is all you need to make this castle. You get the doube benefit of making it and using it for play. Great looking and easy to make castle. Make a castle out of a cardboard box.


Medieval Art and Drawing Box Make a Medieval Art and Drawing Box

A way to organize and keep your drawing and art supplies. And under the lid we make a nice drawing surface so you can take it with you and have a place to draw and do art. Make a Medieval Art and drawing box.



Will Travels Medieval America -

Will is on a quest to build a castle. And as part of this he has embarked on an adventure across America visiting castles, blacksmiths, meaderies, museums and all sorts of medieval places. You can follow along on the adventure! Yes, there are castles in America and Will is visiting them!! Check it out here: Medieval America

Make a Wax seal stamper:

Yes, make your very own wax stamper with a coat of arms, family crest or just your initials. I made a gauntlet holding a sword. Fun little medieval project. We don't write letters much but if you do send a correspondence it would be fun to officially wax seal it like this! Make a wax seal stamper.

a Wax seal stamper


a Medieval Scroll! How to make a Medieval Scroll!

Fun and easy little project and I have already received a bunch of pictures from people who have made these! How to make a medieval scroll


Will's Newest Paper Castle kit: Woodforde Castle - Fun and easy paper castle kit. Complete pdf with all the parts and instructions on how to make it. Free paper Castle Kit


Make a Mangonel How to Make a Torsion powered catapult called a Mangonel:
This type of catapult uses twisted string or rope as a source of power and it is more accurate to the real catapults of Medieval times. Its an easy project and this little Mangonel reallly fires! How to make a Mangonel




New: Make Excalibur from the new King Arthur Movie

This is a fun little project and the sword comes out great. Easy to do and you just need a few materials including two sheets of foamboard and a couple of black shoelaces. And, as always, I give you the template. Make Excalibur from King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword.

Make a Leather Sword Sheath

Web visitors have been asking me to do this tutorial for a long time. I finally got to it. It is how to make a leather sheath for a sword. And I make one for our Steel Sting Sword. It also comes with a video. How to make a leather sword sheath


Make a Stained Glass window How to Make a Stained Glass window

Stained glass is an art that almost died out. Good thing it didn't! It is beautiful and you can make it too. I show you how, step by step and I have a video to go with it. How to make a stained glass window.



Knight's foam armor CuissesMake a Knight's foam armor Cuisses

The cuisses are the upper leg (thighs). And we attach them to the greaves. Easy project and these complete the foam armor knight project. How to make Knights Foam armor cuisses (I give you the template)




Kingdom The Paper Game

Kingdom The Paper Game

Fun little paper game that you can download, print up and play. The King has been assassinated. Are you smart enough to save the Kingdom? One of ten paper games that I have. Check it out here: Kingdom - The Paper Game


Medieval ArrowsBlacksmithing: Forge Medieval Arrows - This style of arrow tip is called a bodkin and it was used in the middle ages and the Renaissance. They are easy to make and I show you how. Forge medieval arrows




a Feather Quill penMake a Feather Quill pen

You can easily make one of those old fashioned writing instruments out of a feather. I show you how. You just need a turkey feather. This is a great companion project to my paper making stuff. Make a feather quill pen.



Successful Mead MakingNew Video Tutorial: The Ultimate Easy Guide to Successfully making one gallon of mead. - I have put together a video that shows you an almost fool proof method to make one gallon of mead. Doesn't cost much and isn't hard to do. The mead comes out great :)