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Casting Metal Minatures - cheap and easy

Plastic miniatures are terrific and I have a whole series of tutorials that show you how to sculpt them, make the rubber molds and cast them. All of those tutorials can be found on my miniatures home page. But, in my opinion, metal miniatures are the best. You simply cannot beat them. The look, feel, and weight of them just makes them better.


But, they are a bit more difficult, and expensive, to make. So I have been experimenting with some low cost and easy solutions to this problem. Here is a video showing you how I have successfully made some metal miniatures. I am continuing to work on this challenge of making metal minis easy and quick. So more will be coming.



Courtenay-Greenhill Miniatures

A look at some Courtenay-Greenhill Miniatures

A small company in the UK run by the Greenhill siblings puts out a wonderful collection of miniatures. I have pictures from the private collection of a web visitor (Glenn) Check them out here.


Sculpting Smaug

Sculpting Smaug from the Hobbit

A web visitor (Giorgio) has created a diorama of the hobbit scene where Bilbo meets Smaug on the pile of gold. He has given us lots of pictures and explained step-by-step how he made it. He has also included step by step instructions with pics on how he sculpted the dragon Smaug. If you love miniature sculpting you have got to check it out right here: Sculpting Smaug