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How to sculpt fantasy miniatures part 6


In this part of the sculpting fantasy miniatures tutorial we actually add the detail work to our mini. We now sculpt the figure to make it look real. Up until now we have just done rought work. In this section we add some of the details of the miniature. Exactly what we do is sculpt the naked form of the miniature. In the next section we will add the clothes. So, in this section we learn about the musculature and how to do it.


In this stage we do a lot of sculpting with tools and we use our magnifying glass to get a real good look at miniature.

If you need tools I have a page here with tools I use and recommend. In particular the small dental picks really come in handy miniature tools and supplies store . You don't have to buy any tools though. You can improvise a lot of tools from household items such as needles, pins, coat hangers and screwdrivers.

In the video I show you some nice tips such as how to use a paintbrush to get some smooth and fine details on the body of the miniature.


This is the video tutorial for this section


NextContinue with tutorial in Part 7 where we add our first piece of armor to the Fantasy Miniature


gegenhound and raver

How to Sculpt a miniature Raver and Gegenhound

These are two figures from my novel. Its a fun project and It shows you some of the basics of how to sculpt a miniature both four legged and two legged. How to Sculpt a Miniature Gegenhound and Raver