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Tatebanko Wizard's Sanctum


This is a tatebanko project. That is the japanese art of paper dioramas. We make a scene of the wizards sanctum. And I give you the template that you can print up and use to make your tatebanko.

The template for this project is here

This project also comes with a video. It is at the bottom of the page.

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Wizards sanctum tatebanko


Empty Tatebanko boxAbout Tatebanko - I have ten different projects that you can download, print and make right here. And I also have the blank box template so you can put inside any scene that you want to make.


About the paper used for this project.

It is a three dimensional project and normal printer paper is a bit weak for it. You can use it but I have some better ideas for you so it will be stronger.

If you have index paper or card stock paper put five sheets in your printer and print this project on that. Then you can go ahead and use that print out to make the project. Use a minimum of 90 pound paper. That is thick and sturdy enough.

If you don't have a choice when it comes to paper and all you have is printer paper that is ok! Print it up. Then cut out the pieces and glue stick them to manila file folder or poster board. Then it is strong enough for this project.


Earn a Certificate of Contribution!


If you make this project email me a picture! I will email you a certificate of contribution from stormthecastle.com You can print it up and hang it on the wall.




Materials and Tools:

  • 5 sheets of paper
  • The Template packet for this project
  • If you don't have card stock or index paper: use cereal box, poster board or manila folder
  • Glue stick or some kind of glue that is good for paper
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils or markers optional if you want to brighten up the colors
  • Two rulers or straight edges to make the paper folds

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Let's Make it


The template

Print up the template. It is five pages and there are twelve parts to this project.







Cut out the parts

And cut out the parts.








GLue parts

And if you are using regular printer paper you should glue all those pieces to a stronger material like poster board, cereal box cardboard or manila file folder.


And then cut out all the pieces.

Now we are ready to build the tatebanko.




Watch the Video Here:




Paper diorama Kit - Tatebanko: Hokusai





Edvard Munch the Scream DIY 3D Paper Craft Kit (Tatebanko Japanese Paper Art Diorama)






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