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Make a Medieval Drawing and art Box - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we begin making the drawing box.

Part 1 of the tutorial is here



You can make your box any size you choose. Here in this tutorial I will walk you through the making of my box so you can know the process and the parts. You can make the same size box. Or you can use the instructions to make a box of the size you choose.


Sketch pad

If you are going to make your own size box you should get some measurements. The important dimension for me was for it to be large enugh to hold a sketch pad.







The size of the box

The size of my box will be 12 x 14 inches. So cut two pieces of foamboard to this size (12x14) and glue one right on top of the other.




Side pieces

Now we will make two of the sides. And each side is composed of two pieces that we glue together. This picture shows one side. Make it! Notice that one piece is 14 x 3 1/2. And the other piece is 14 x 3 1/4. That quarter inch difference is important.




Glue together

Glue them together like this,. The bottom edges are flush with each other. This causes a nice shelf along the other edge. The arrow shows this shelf.

Repeat this process and make a second one.







Glue sides on

Now glue those sides onto the sides of your base. Do not glue them down onto it! Glue them to the sides of that base.








Now let's measure for the remaining two sides.

Because of the sides we added the box is no longer the size it was. Our remaining sides have to be a little bit bigger. In our case it is 13 inches.

Cut two pieces of foam board that are 13 inches long and our 3 1/2 inch height.





Add ends

And glue them on. Notice these are not a stack of two that form a shelf. Let's now measure and add those pieces that make the shelf.






More pieces

Measure that internal size as shown by the red dashed lines. Be sure to match the height of the shelf. These pieces do not come all the way up to the top of the box. They make a shelf just like the previous two sides did. In the case of our box these pieces are 12 x 2 3/4.





Insert pieces

Glue them in and the structure of your box is done.








Notice the edges

The shelf matches all the way around the inside of the box.


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